Fall is finally here

That’s right folks, I declare it’s truly fall in Georgia. I felt that chill that rolls in about this time every year that tells you summer is gone and cold weather is ahead! So what did I do? Ate some squash soup, grabbed a cute coat, bought a pumpkin, cooked a delicious pot of chili and ordered a piping hot coffee! **Just so everyone is clear on this, I order hot coffee even when it’s over 100 degrees outside and sweats rolling down my back, that’s just how big of a HOT coffee fan I am.**

I had a lovely lunch date with the hubs at my favorite classy lunch place, Panera. Yes, we like to pretend that we both have extremely high success in our career fields and go on fancy vacation and buy designer clothes while we talk over our salads. It’s sad. I’m not sure what it is about Panera,  maybe it’s the quirky artwork, classical music, master crafted salads or even just the special members card in my purse that makes me feel important, but I love the place. And I think everyone else agrees because you often have to hunt for a table for like twenty minutes and swoop in out of nowhere at the first hint that someone is getting up. Anyway,  I had a You Pick Two combination with a half Fuji Apple Chicken Salad (hold the cheese & dressing, sub balsamic vinaigrette, thank you very much) with half autumn squash soup and an apple on the side. First of all, oh my god, the soup was divine! I immediately decided I will make my own soon!


After lunch I was feeling pretty fierce (onion breath and all) and proud of myself for finally showing some progress towards a lifestyle change. I wanted that salad, I didn’t want the sugary dressing and most of all I didn’t want the pastries and bread. Shocking. Diets always seem like something I have to suffer through for some limited amount of time. Like all of a sudden I’ll look skinny and perfect and be able to eat all the pizza and beer I want. I’m realizing now, finally, that’s not how life works. Life regardless of how you eat will go on and it’s those small changes you make that will determine how you look in a year or even 5, 10, etc. I need to love myself and know how to handle day to day eating and life! It’s okay to get really drunk on a Saturday from drinking 2 too many Manhattans and eating a slice of pizza at 2 a.m that’s so greasy you could see your reflection in it (obviously not a true story from last weekend). Just follow it up with lots of water, veggies and food that nourishes you!


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