Autumn Shopping

Fabulous day of shopping and lunching with my little sis in downtown Savannah today. I’m so in love with my new patterned pants I got today at Gap. On sale mind you. $19.59, score!


I always thought my legs were too big to wear patterned pants because it would draw much attention to my thighs (the horror!), but I actually found that they’re very cute. I think the trick was finding a small pattern that was in a darker color. I’m very short so there aren’t exactly crop pants, but still flattering I think. I always have to buy short sizes or petites when it comes to pants or get them hemmed, which never looks right.


I’m fitting into 8s recently which ain’t to shabby! In fact, my green size 8 Gap pants I bought in March were almost a little loose and back when I bought them I could barely zip them up and I had to do all kinds of crazy things to hide that muffin top (don’t ask). Fitting into smaller sizes regardless of if the scale is moving or not is one of the most motivating signs to keep losing weight. To me it means that my body is truly changing.

I was feeling sassy today in my cute Tommy Hilfiger scarf!

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