New Running Shoes


I got fitted for these babies this week at Dick’s Sporting Goods and I actually learned a lot from their staff. I went in looking for running shoes, as I’m never satisfied with my running shoes, and always end up having sore feet. I believe my wide duck feet are to blame. The sides of my feet are too wide for most running shoes causing the sole of the shoe to put a lot of pressure on the bottom edge of my feet. I always assumed that because of my wide feet, a shoe with thin and flexible fabric would be best, the more “barefoot” types of running shoes. I figured that this would give my big wide feet space to expand. As it turned out I was completely wrong and because of my high arches these types of shoes were doing more harm than good.  The sales person/running expert(!) suggested I try on this more supportive pair and I felt the difference right away. It was wide enough for my feet and had nice snug arch support. I was sold (plus they were on sale). I’m wearing them in slowly and hope this discovery really makes a difference in my running goals!


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