First Week of Half Marathon Training Done

Bella excited for the run

Bella excited for the run

I think I’ve gone insane….why would I want to run 13.1 miles in March?? That’s how I feel during my runs this week. I’m excited to get out there an run, but running is hard. It just is. Mentally and physically. I tend to beat myself up and set unrealistic goals for myself, like doing a 5 mile run my first week of training (not gonna happen!). I am trying to focus on my personal accomplishments and focus on my own improvement. For the first 4 weeks I aimed to run for 30 minutes 4 days a week. On Monday I ran for 35 minutes and was impressed that I ran that long without stopping, but on Wednesday I pulled a muscle 1 mile in and decided I better stop before I give myself a real injury. On Friday I ran for 36 minutes straight over 3 miles. My pace is soooo slow but I’ve learned that it’s more important to slow down and control your breathing if you want to run for distance. Today I took my dog with me and we ran for 2.5 miles. I’m in dire need of a rest day so tomorrow I’m going to take it easy and let my sore legs heal!

Here’s my Half Marathon Schedule I made in excel, week 1 down!:


2 thoughts on “First Week of Half Marathon Training Done

  1. Great job! You are so right about slowing down and breathing when it comes to distance running. I was always in the “go go go” mindset, but once I slowed down to enjoy the ride I really found my love for running! I hope you find the same!! 🙂

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