Knee Injury

I haven’t updated my blog in awhile because of 2 good reasons: finals and a knee injury. I’ve never actually injured a joint or bone before so it’s all new to me and it’s really putting a hold on my running schedule. In fact, I can hardly walk let alone run. I have an appointment with a sports medicine physician this Friday, but until them I’m following the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) treatment method. It’s so hard for me to sit around and be lazy all day, I’m such a busy body naturally and I find myself hobbling around to clean, cook, etc. before realizing that I shouldn’t be up walking around.

I’m really bummed about not being able to follow my training schedule. I finally was really dedicated to meeting my running goals and completing a half marathon in March. Injuring my knee has made me realize that I was pushing my body too hard. I went from no exercise to running 3-4 miles four times a week. After 3 weeks my body is letting me know that it’s too much. When I finally heal and get back to running I’m going to work into it slowly so my joints have time to adjust. Also, I know losing weight will really help take some pressure off my joints.  I’m not sure how long my healing period will be because I don’t know exactly what my injury is yet. My knee swells, gets hot, is very painful and is very unstable when I bare any weight on it.

It’s hard to stay positive while I’m injured. I’m so bored and I find it hard to not eat out of boredom. I’m worried I will gain weight from the inactivity. I just hope that I heal and can get back to working out soon.

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