Healing Hiatus

I’ve been on hiatus since mid December due to a meniscal tear and discovery of a genetic variant which left me unable to move much at all. By mid January I underwent surgery on my right knee to remove the deformed section of my meniscus along with the tear. It took 4 weeks post surgery to walk (almost) normally again.  It was a long process but now, the end of March, life has returned to normal, I’m done with physical therapy and I’m left with 2 small scars about the size of a pencil eraser each on either side of my right knee to remind me of the whole ordeal.


All bandaged up in bed


I got lots of doggy snuggles in bed


Friends sent all kinds of goodies

The bad news: my doctor basically told me I don’t have runners knees. The surgeon discovered I already have arthritis in my right knee and my other knee probably has the same meniscal defect. Obviously I was upset at first, I was training for a half marathon after all, but there’s really not much I can do about it and who needs running anyway?? It’s horrible torture. Instead I’ll use the elliptical, walking, swimming, biking, or cycling as cardio to put less stress on my knee joints.

So obviously the whole losing weight process came to a halt as I was bedridden for literally 2 months. The main aim was healing and trying not to gain weight. Honestly, it was a challenge. Sitting in bed all day is boring, and when I’m bored I want to eat!! I tried to stick to juicing and ate a lot of Skinny Pop. I’m happy to say I haven’t gained a pound since my surgery. BUT, I haven’t really lost anything all year and it’s hard to get back into an active routine after being so lazy!! I’m stuck in a cycle of beer and fatty food!

SO, I’m going to start blogging again and keep you up to date on my healing progress and weight loss progress. More recipes and struggles to come!

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