Week 1 Day 3 Complete!

I completed week 1 day 3 of the Super Shred diet !! I brought all my snacks with me and even packed a lunch when I went out for the day. It made it so much easier to to not eat at a restaurant.  I also did another 40 minutes of alternating walking and running. I’m highly impressed with how my knee feels during the runs, considering how immobile I was post-surgery just 3 months ago.


Today I strolled down Bay Street in downtown Savannah with my mister and dreamt up DIY projects in the antique stores. I also fell in love with some beautiful wood and stained glass antique bars.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a spare $30,000.


Isn’t it beautiful???

I love looking at and touching all the handcrafted furniture. You can see all the passion that went into making each piece. One day I’ll fill my home with the perfect mix of these beautiful, old pieces and modern furniture.


I know it’s repetitive, but it really has been beautiful in Savannah these past few weeks.  Be jealous.


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