Life is Always Changing

I stuck to the Super Shred diet for a solid week and a half until life threw another curveball (as always) and I had a friend visit. I know I need to learn to adjust my diet to the ups and downs of life, but it’s hard when I’m constantly adventuring with a BFF. I’ve know Val since middle school, but she moved away when I was in high school. We’ve managed to keep in touch and pull each other through hard times.  On a positive note, Val and I worked out almost everyday and we stayed active!


The week was complete with donuts, running snake encounters, booze, bargain hunting, wasp stings, girls dates, sex shops and beach days!

IMG_3164We brought the dogs to Jekyll Island last Thursday for a day of sun! They had so much fun and were completely worn out!


IMG_3166Also, check out my week in noms. Yes, that is the most delicious cheesecake of life!

IMG_3165Recently I’ve been realizing just how important girlfriends are. I’ve always been the kind of girl that has a strong connection with the man in my life and I don’t generally get close to too many people. No matter what though, it’s always your girlfriends that pull you through hard times and will be there no matter what! Ok, time to go, I’m getting sappy!



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