Charleston, South Carolina: The Jewel of the South


Having lived most of my life in Savannah, GA, I always felt like it was somehow superior to Charleston, SC. The cities are similar, but both have a totally different feel. Charleston is a more polished, romantic version of Savannah, and I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I still have strong feelings for my city, but spending time in Charleston with my love won me over. We were there for four days and found a different place to explore each day. The architecture and colors in the city were amazing.

Charleston Plantation

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting this charming southern city, take the time to visit one of the many plantations scattered along the Ashley River. We stopped at the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens one morning and enjoyed the tour of the home and the lovely gardens. It was a gorgeous day and such a serene environment.

Plantation 2Plantation 3Another place that stands out in my mind was Sullivan’s Island. I highly suggest it over Folly Beach. We visited Folly Beach and found it to be dirty and overrated. Sullivan’s Island, on the other hand, was a slightly longer drive but had a quaint beach town feel. The beach was less crowded and the streets weren’t littered with tacky beach stores. I highly recommend Poe’s Tavern on Sullivan’s Island. It was a quirky Edgar Allan Poe themed restaurant with outdoor seating, great brews and fantastic burgers. 5/5!

Sullivans IslandIn all honesty, we spent most of our time walking up and down the cobblestone streets and exploring downtown. Check out King Street if you’re into designer shopping and the Historic Charleston City Market for local crafts and gifts. Make sure you stroll along the battery, check out the pineapple fountain and eat some local seafood. Also, we had breakfast (and endless mimosas!!) at Toast, one of Charleston’s most raved about brunch spots and it truly lived up to its reputation! Great food and service.

Drinks and CityOur last stop was the Angel Oak Tree. This was a small drive outside of the city, but completely worth it. My husband and I noted that the attraction wasn’t overdone or converted into a big shiny tourist trap. Parking was along a dirt road and it wasn’t well sign posted. The only downside is that you can’t climb on the tree (but that was totally understandable). The tree was definitely awe-inspiring and made you stop and think about mother nature’s beauty.

Angel Oak Tree

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