Mastering Life?

Today was a perfect Thursday. Class, good news, perfect paper thesis developed, life planning + downtown pub date followed by decaf espresso and a stroll downtown = yes! It was a delightful evening.


Good news?

I’ve always felt that you can’t do better in life than learn what you’re good at, develop your passions and try things that scare you. I’ve found what I’m good at, accounting (I know, lame) and the corporate world scares me, which is good. But I feel like I’ve been in school forever. I started college in 2006, got a dumb bachelors degree and dipped my toes into a few different fields before finding accounting. I’m ready to work (and my student loans are mounting). Today I spoke with my professor/unofficial mentor and asked him one questions: should I get a masters degree?

These days it seems like you can’t get anywhere without a graduate degree. Bachelors degrees are becoming practically obsolete. It’s probably just a way to dig deeper into students’ pockets, but it could really look good on my resume. I’ve already applied and I think I have a good chance of being accepted. Plus a masters in accounting only takes one year. On top of that, my teacher practically assured me that I would get a graduate assistantship next year! This means FREE tuition plus a monthly stipend. This is HUGE.

I’m feeling rather accomplished today.

Best x

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