Anniversary Getaway


This week the husband and I ran off to Ponte Vedra, Florida for 3 days to unwind and celebrate 2 happy years together. We decided to stay at a golf resort on the beach (avoiding screaming kiddies and coeds). It was just us, the surf, and retired folks. Very relaxing! I spent my (Wednesday through Friday) weekend sipping wine and quickly turning the pages of Gone Girl (I can’t wait to see the movie). Skipping just one day of class was totally worth it- and I only burnt the tops of my toesies.


PonteVedra6For our special anniversary dinner we ate at a cozy family owned Italian restaurant where the wine was served in carafes and the garlic bread made me reek for days. It was perfect.




Ponte VedraI feel relaxed and ready to be healthy- seriously our dinner tonight consisted of a variety of items we bought at Dollar General. Barf.

Best x.

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