31 Days to a Better Photo- Day 1

Back in July my husband bought me this shiny new Nikon DSLR for our trip to Europe. I’ve wanted to get into photography for years now, and the trip was the perfect opportunity. We left in August and I didn’t really have time to learn and understand camera “language.” It’s actually really hard to grasp; ISO, aperture, shutter speed, how does it all work??

I know I didn’t take the best photos possible in Europe, but I tried. I’ve realized that photography is definitely a hobby that I’ll have to be patient with and actively learn. After all, I don’t want to be THAT person walking around with a fancy camera just using the auto setting or preprogrammed scene modes. I was inspired last night by a variety of photography blogs I found on Pinterest. I found this 31 day series to learn how to shoot manually. Day 1 doesn’t require you to take any photos, but Darcy tells a story about the importance of photographs. I can’t begin to imagine her pain from the loss of all her photos.

Today I headed downtown, camera in tow, to snap some pics in scary “M” mode. Let the adventure begin!






DSC_0873There’s lots of room for improvement, but I’m excited to learn!

Best x.


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