Day 2 & 3 and Breakfast

Day 2– 31 Days to a Better Photo: Read the manual
Sure I’ve flipped through the manual before…but who actually reads every page? So I sat down and read it.

  1. How to change the mode of your camera – auto / program, aperture priority, shutter priority. 
  2. What do the icons on your camera mean? The flower, the running man, a face, mountains, stars, etc. What does each symbol represent? 
  3. Which wheel controls shutter speed, which wheel controls aperture? ✓
  4. How to find the white balance menu, and change it. ✓
  5. How to change ISO ✓

Here’s a practice shot of breakfast: avocado, turkey bacon and an egg on a whole wheat english muffin + strawberries.DSC_0896

Day 3– 31 Days to a Better Photo: Shooting fast vs. Shooting slow

I practiced shutter speed by taking shots in shutter priority mode and manual. Of course, the puppies are my favorite subject. For these pics I kept the ISO and aperture the same and changed the shutter speed. I like visuals and seeing the numbers on the pictures helps me understand how shutter speed changes the photo.

Dog and SS numbers

Best x.

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