31 Days to a Better Photo: Day 19 and 20

The 31 Days to a Better Photo series has been in the back of my mind despite being too busy to keep up. Let’s get back into it!:

Day 19 was about flash, which honestly I’m not really interested in. I’ve always hated how flash makes photos look (redeye- gross). I’m definitely more interested in using natural like and manipulating the aperture and shutter speed to get the right look.

Day 20: Art in Photography; definitely right down my alley! I’ve always had an eye for art. I love design and matching colors, patterns, etc. I’m working to improve my photos and make them more interesting. It’s so intriguing how subjective photography is. A photo that really appeals to me might do nothing for you.

In this post she discusses lines, color, forms, space. All the elements you can use to compose a great photograph.

Best x.

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