Life updates:

A guy from USA Today asked to use one of my photos in an article, so that was cool.

It’s hell week next week, aka Exams and Papers and Projects are piled on the last week of class before Thanksgiving break.

The hubs and I booked 2 nights in a cabin in the mountains Thanksgiving week (the puppies are coming too!). Hot tub (check), seclusion (check), mountain views (check). Can’t wait.

Aggressive physical therapy continues- maybe some improvement?

We have a new fire pit in the back yard and we spend every night around the fire chatting and drinking the husbands home brew beer and burning years of college notes that have accumulated in my house over the 8 years I’ve been in school.


I had a rose chai tea latte yesterday that was amazing and I want another one right now.


The puppies thoroughly enjoyed their walk downtown the other day. It was beautiful outside.

Lexi IMG_4779

I’m in class as we speak dying of boredom and despising my self absorbed professor. He’s truly terrible.

A bottle of wine and Criminal Minds netflix marathon awaits me tonight!

Best x.

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