Body Acceptance

Today, as I sat in Panera eating my convenient “healthy” lunch and emailing potential internship leads, I began slowly eavesdropping on the conversation in the booth next to me. Sat deep in lunchtime discussion were two, well-dressed, fashionably accessorized middle-aged women. They obviously both took care of themselves and were picking at salads. However, their discussion made me sad. They spoke of their weights and hatred of how they looked and how much they wanted to weigh. They went on discussing how to cook fish without adding fat and which green beans have the least amount of calories. What made me sad was that this isn’t an unusual occurrence. This is normal, everyday conversation for many women; and yes I’m guilty of this too.

I always hoped that as I grew older it would be easier to love my body and accept how I look. It’s clear, though, that even 2 completely beautiful, thin 40-something women still don’t feel happy with how they look and hope to be thinner. Imagine what these ladies could accomplish if they had all the extra time spent worrying about weight loss? Maybe body hatred should stop. I don’t want to obsess about weight. It’s such a waste of time. I will enjoy my 180 calorie baguette with my soup and learn to embrace the one body I have in this life and you should too. In the end, our aim should be about happiness, acceptance and health; not the number on the scale or being a size 2.

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