Finishing Out 2014!

I just realized that I haven’t made a post since my trip to Charlotte, and a lot has happened since then. I think I go MIA after surgery because recovery takes all of my energy. So it’s time for a big update!

Surgery: My knee surgery was rough, but the doctor said it went well. The pain meds didn’t quite take the edge off for the first few days and I was so drugged up it made me physically sick; my leg is in a full brace and I need crutches. That being said, I’m so thankful for my sisters and husband. They’ve done so much for me, from cleaning the house to fluffing my pillows. I also have amazing friends that checked in on me and sent me flowers. I’m doing a lot better now and got my stitches out a couple of days ago. I’ll be on crutches and in a full brace for 4 more weeks, but I’m getting the hang of it now. (my knee is so huge right now). I’ve been watching a lot of movies, playing Super Mario Brothers, and marathoning TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I highly recommend Transparent (Amazon Prime). I marathoned season 1 in one day and was impressed!


Christmas: Merry (late) Christmas! 2014 was a great one! My husband and I packed up all the presents and puppies and stayed with my family for Christmas. I think we all went overboard with presents this year, but there were some great ones! Christmas dinner was awesome and we lazed around the house all day. I wasn’t feeling too well from my meds and it was less than a week after my surgery so I was pretty immobile, but all in all it was a success.

Christmas2 Christmas

Interview: We just watched The Interview, and it was about what I expected- a typical Seth Rogen movie (good for a few laughs, but not worth the hype). ANYWAY, in other interview news, the day before New Year’s Eve I received an unexpected phone call from an accounting firm I had applied to a month ago. They wanted to interview me the next day and I said yes! I got myself together, leg brace and all, and awkwardly wobbled into the interview on my crutches with my suit jacket. I interviewed with one of the firms partners and it went really well! He even said that he had a great feeling about me. I assured him that my temporary impairment wouldn’t interfere with my work. I’m hoping to hear back soon.

2015: Happy New Year everyone! We welcomed in the New Year with my family and champagne. We decided that 2015 is the year of graduating and jobs! (3 of us are graduating and everyone is hoping for new jobs!)

Best x.

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