I haven’t blogged in months. I think it’s just because I’m bad a blogging when I’m going through a big transition. Blogging is something I crave when I’m cozy and perhaps a little bored (maybe settled is a better word). The last few months have been anything but settled, and thus my posts came to a screeching halt. Since my last post in May I’ve sold my house, moved into a modern apartment downtown, graduated college, started my summer internship, and secured a full-time position that I’m really excited about. 
Moving is always an exhausting ordeal and our move was no different. I will say that paying movers to haul your heavy furniture up two flights of stairs is the way to go! After two months, I love love LOVE my new apartment. My husband and I weren’t ready to be in the hum-drum suburbs and living downtown is definitely something I didn’t want to miss out on as a young couple. I no longer dream of being able to step outside my door and walk to restaurants, bars and shops – I’m living it! There’s always something to explore.


I didn’t go to graduation because 1) been there, done that and 2) it was like 100 degrees outside. But I’m so excited to FINALLY be done with school. After 2 years of dedicating myself to actually learning the material and giving it my full effort, my nerves are shot. A 4.0 doesn’t come easy. Actually, I started experiencing some pretty scary anxiety symptoms towards the end of the semester and I knew it was time to start a new chapter in my life.

Career Searching:

I wanted to keep my career options open so I interviewed with some firms in Savannah and kept applying for graduate assistant positions while I was interning. I even went on a business dinner interview, which was a learning experience (do you order alcohol or not??- Answer: let the others order drinks first and follow their lead. FYI-yes they did= a more relaxed me!). I was filled with uncertainty at the beginning of the summer. Yes, I liked my internship, but did I want to be stuck in an office cube for the rest of my life? I had an offer from an accounting firm, but I’ve heard horror stories about the 70-80 hour work weeks with no paid overtime. I also had my back-up plan of starting grad school in the fall despite my anxiety, and I was selected as a graduate assistant for the school year in the finance department. This means (almost) free tuition + a small stipend. I was overwhelmed by my options, which is a complete 180 from my exactly zero options before going back to school.

The 9 to 5:

I GOT A JOB at the company I’m interning with. It still seems completely nonsensical, but I have a 9-5 (make that 7:30 to 5:00 Monday through Thursday and 7:30 to 11:30 on Friday). Management put me through four rigorous interviews that would have totally overwhelmed younger, more insecure me, but I rocked it. Managers and directors in fancy suits don’t scare me anymore and I’ve learned that you just have to be yourself. After all these years of being unable to break into the corporate job scene, it’s completely validating to be succeeding at such a great company. The work is challenging and sometimes the hours are long, but I think my career could really blossom here. I’m so motivated to have a great career and I have no doubts about my intelligence or worth ethic now. My coworkers are the best part of my job. I fit in here and everyone is so relaxed and helpful. It’s also nice being around other like-minded career women. Also, doubling the family income ain’t half bad.

Travel & Life:

My love of travel and a full-time job with only 2 weeks of vacation, 8 paid holidays, and 3 floating holidays don’t really mesh. But, I’ve come to accept that most people don’t have months off to gallivant around the world, and I’m embracing small, but memorable trips. Also, I keep telling myself that extra income means more money to travel and I really am lucky to have half days on Friday. I already have multiple trips planned for the rest of the year: Asheville, Kansas City, Cancun, Chattanooga, California, and Washington DC. I spend time every day in my cube daydreaming about all the trips I want to take.


Now that I’m settled I want to get back in to blogging. I’ll focus on what I’ve been cooking, places to eat, and sharing my travel experiences.


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