My name is Ashley. Hi, yes nice to meet you.


I’m a twenty-something student, wife, and doggy mom living in the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. I may live in the South, but southern I am not! Born in Canada and raised throughout North America & Parts of Europe.  I’m a lover of color, cleanliness and cooking as well as nature and cold pints!


I share my story about health and happiness with you to keep me on track and relate to others. I’ve been overweight for years now, and though I’m not severely overweight, it’s enough to effect my day to day life and I’m tired of feeling sorry about it! Sorry for myself and others who put up with my negativity.  I pick food to talk about most, because in the end it’s what you put in your body that is truly going to make a difference. What you eat builds who you are and I’m done with being fake from all the fake food out there.

We’ve all heard good ol’ Benjamin Franklin’s wise words, “eat to live, don’t live to eat”, well I think that is probably the most profound message. Since I was a child I’ve lived to eat. Every accomplishment was rewarded with food, birthdays = food, holiday =food, even sadness/happiness/ (insert chose emotion here) meant I would eat my favorite food. I’m not sure that everyone around me felt that way, but I sure did. My journey today involves unlearning that behavior. I’m learning to eat to live by fueling my body with REAL food. When I actually stepped back and listened I realized my body needs vegetables, water, fruit, nuts, unprocessed grains, whole foods, sleep, kisses, exercise, dog snuggles, a social life, excitement, laughter, and to be appreciated by ME.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Yay, Ashley, this is really motivating! I feel the same way; I’ve known exactly what I need to do for years but struggle to make myself do it. Gonna have to try harder because I can’t have you being a skinny biotch without me. 😛 haha. Congrats on starting the blog!

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