Life List

  • I started my internship last Monday (hence the lack of blogging, or much of anything else lately). It has me soooo busy, but I’m learning a lot. I even have my own office, with dual screens, squishy chair, 2 desks and all! I’ve got a lot of autonomy and get to work on my own files and projects. The people I work with are really great too, and always willing to teach me. One of the partners wants me to work on an audit with her next week and I’m excited!
  • When I’m not at work, I’m in class, and these classes are challenging. I’d rather be at work! I dropped my online class because I know I can’t keep up with the group work. Almost half the grade is a group project so I’m taking it over the summer.
  • I’ve still kept up with the not eating out challenge! We went out for the hubby’s birthday last weekend for sushi, but we had preplanned a dinner before the challenge started. I actually feel better from not eating all the greasy fast food. I pack my lunch and snacks for the day in the morning.
  • I’m slowly adding exercise back into my routine. I can almost walk normally now and my doctor said I could start using the elliptical. I’ve been doing 10 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike. It’s a start!
  • The Mr. has been in California all week and I’ve been enjoying my evenings cuddled up with the dogs and watching whatever I want on TV. It’s nice to be selfish sometimes, but I can’t wait to see him!
  • I can’t wait until Spring Break!! Plans have changed again, but I can’t wait!


Perfect Day

IMG_5595Days like today make me sad that I can’t go on a long walk outside. The air is fresh and crisp, the sun is shining and there is a slight cool breeze. It’s perfect. Hopefully I’ll be off crutches and back on my own two feet soon. For now, I’m making do with opening the windows and feeling the breeze.




New Blog Direction

I started this little blog with the intention of documenting my weight loss, half-marathon training, and recipes. As I racked up miles and whipped up healthy meals, my focus was the number on the scale. But, a lot has changed since my life hit an unexpected U-turn when I injured my knee running in December 2013 and wasn’t able to walk, let alone run. Running had always been my go-to workout and, to me, was synonymous with weight loss; it was a big deal. I had my first knee surgery in January 2014 and was glued to the sofa for months. Surgery didn’t work and my knee required yet another surgery in December (more sofa).

Since my activity level never surpassed sitting/limping, I slowly became depressed and unable to shed pounds.  To improve my mood, I tried to focus more on healing my knee rather than losing weight. The problem was, I didn’t really know what to blog about anymore. So I spent the year blogging about my travels and daily life, and gradually began focusing on self-improvement and happiness. My blog is now less about weight loss and more about my recovery and journey to self-confidence and body acceptance. Yes, I still plan to lose weight and get healthy, but I also focus on what makes me happy: my friends, traveling, my family, and trying new things. This blog is now my space to share my experiences (and maybe a recipe here and there) as a twenty-something struggling to find balance.

Best, -x.

Floating Thoughts

I have a few thoughts flying around that I shall share in bullet format!

  • I’ve been selling furniture and random junk that’s piled up over the years on Craigslist in anticipation of the new floors we’re putting in, and I’ve remembered how weird people are.
  • We’ve got to pull up all the carpets in the main living area next week.
  • I think I’m going to try bullet journaling this year. I like to make lists and put my thoughts on paper and I think it might be perfect for me. Plus, Val gave me a beautiful journal for Christmas and I want to put it to good use.
  • I’ve been alluding to exciting travel plans this year in other post. Plans have changed slightly, but will still be amazing. My husband and I had been planning and saving to go to Rome over spring break for months, and I was thrilled about experiencing Italy. However, with this surgery requiring a longer recovery period than expected, we’ve postponed that trip and substituted something equally as fun, but that requires less walking. Right now we have “soft” plans to spend spring break in Costa Rica! It’s on my travel checklist and would be a tropical adventure!
  • I start my job on February 2nd, which gives me plenty of time to adjust to classes and get off of crutches.
  • My physical therapist says I should be down to one crutch by next week.
  • I think I might get a haircut this week. No matter how hard I try, my ends get damaged. Sadly, I don’t think I’m destined to have long hair.


Recovery Update

My knee surgery (lateral release and meniscal debridement) was just over 2 weeks ago, but it feels like it’s been so much longer. Time must be passing slowly because being on crutches and in a brace is actually kind of a bummer. I can’t drive and it’s just a struggle to go out, so I’ve been attached to my bed and Netflix (my new Eucalyptus sheets add to the amazingness). Any good suggestions? I recently watched Happy Valley (the first season) and The Affair (Showtime-season 1) and both were amazing.

Also, I’ve been going to physical therapy twice a week and working on my moves at home. I really can’t wait until I can be active again. Seeing the atrophy of the muscles around my knee following an entire year of being injured and two surgeries really motivates me to regain my strength; I feel so weak. Strength training is going to be my focus this year.

In other news, I’ve been slowly composing a design plan for my living room/kitchen revamp project. The big projects are going to be pulling out the carpet and having laminate flooring installed and replacing the ceiling fan. I’m lucky to have a handy hubby. For the decor, my color scheme is tan and gray with hints of teal and burnt orange.  I want the space to be a mix of antiqued/rustic inspired pieces with geometric/ modern accents. Also, I’m going to incorporate plants, probably a rubber plant and succulents (because I love succulents!!). Everything will come together slowly and be budget friendly and I’ve found some great pieces of furniture and have some price-tracked. Here’s a small inspiration board I’ve created!

living room 2

Best, x.

Finishing Out 2014!

I just realized that I haven’t made a post since my trip to Charlotte, and a lot has happened since then. I think I go MIA after surgery because recovery takes all of my energy. So it’s time for a big update!

Surgery: My knee surgery was rough, but the doctor said it went well. The pain meds didn’t quite take the edge off for the first few days and I was so drugged up it made me physically sick; my leg is in a full brace and I need crutches. That being said, I’m so thankful for my sisters and husband. They’ve done so much for me, from cleaning the house to fluffing my pillows. I also have amazing friends that checked in on me and sent me flowers. I’m doing a lot better now and got my stitches out a couple of days ago. I’ll be on crutches and in a full brace for 4 more weeks, but I’m getting the hang of it now. (my knee is so huge right now). I’ve been watching a lot of movies, playing Super Mario Brothers, and marathoning TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I highly recommend Transparent (Amazon Prime). I marathoned season 1 in one day and was impressed!


Christmas: Merry (late) Christmas! 2014 was a great one! My husband and I packed up all the presents and puppies and stayed with my family for Christmas. I think we all went overboard with presents this year, but there were some great ones! Christmas dinner was awesome and we lazed around the house all day. I wasn’t feeling too well from my meds and it was less than a week after my surgery so I was pretty immobile, but all in all it was a success.

Christmas2 Christmas

Interview: We just watched The Interview, and it was about what I expected- a typical Seth Rogen movie (good for a few laughs, but not worth the hype). ANYWAY, in other interview news, the day before New Year’s Eve I received an unexpected phone call from an accounting firm I had applied to a month ago. They wanted to interview me the next day and I said yes! I got myself together, leg brace and all, and awkwardly wobbled into the interview on my crutches with my suit jacket. I interviewed with one of the firms partners and it went really well! He even said that he had a great feeling about me. I assured him that my temporary impairment wouldn’t interfere with my work. I’m hoping to hear back soon.

2015: Happy New Year everyone! We welcomed in the New Year with my family and champagne. We decided that 2015 is the year of graduating and jobs! (3 of us are graduating and everyone is hoping for new jobs!)

Best x.

Surgery- Round 2

Yesterday I anxiously waited in the little sterile room at my doctor’s office to hear what he thought should be the next move in my treatment. After little improvement from physical therapy and continued pain 1 year after my last surgery, I knew the news wasn’t going to be good. He told me that my kneecap pain was most likely the result of a misaligned knee, possibly occurring from a whole separate injury, or bad knees, or a bit of both. The best option, he says, is another athroscopic procedure to move my knee back into position. The recovery process for this procedure is more painful and difficult than the meniscal saucerization I had done last January, but my doctor has performed over 50 of these procedures with consistent positive results.

I really struggled with what to do. On one side I think surgery is a bad idea. It’s less than a year later and my last surgery wasn’t 100% successful. I’m worried it won’t work. Also, I tend to minimize my pain and disruption the injury has caused me and think that it isn’t too bad. Yes my knee is painful and restricts what I do, but the pain isn’t so excruciating that I have to turn to strong medication. I can walk (not for prolonged lengths of time) and enjoy life. Maybe I just need to manage the pain and accept that I can’t live life as actively anymore and that I have a damaged joint.

On the other hand, surgery is a good idea. I’m young and healthy, and if a surgery could potentially alleviate my pain and allow me to continue with the activities that I want to do then it’s worth it. I still have 50-60+ years, so I have a lot of time to benefit from a 100% recovered knee. Maybe in 3 months time I will be feeling fabulous and able to do more. Also, though my pain isn’t consistently excruciating, a small pain over time becomes unbearable. I have an entire month off of school starting Thursday, and I graduate in May and will be busy with a new job or internship. I have the time now and decided it makes sense, even if it means another holiday season laying in bed. I have my family and friends that will be by my side to keep my mood up during recovery.

I have just over a week before I go under the knife to get everything figured out for my surgery and recovery. I’ve got a house to clean and a guest bed to make for my lovely caretakers (sisters and friends).

Best x.

A Few Days in the Mountains

I’m back from my cabin getaway with the husband and kids (actually dogs). It was perfect. The cabin was relaxing, secluded and beautiful! We spent the days walking the dogs, soaking in the hot tub, window shopping, indulging and enjoying the fresh air.


DSC_0447I was a little apprehensive because this was the first time we’ve rented a place to stay that wasn’t a hotel. After Googling and reading a ton of reviews we decided on the Morning Song Cabin. The reviews were good and the owners were friendly. It ended up being perfect. The kitchen was fully stocked, it was spotless, and they thought of everything from books to boardgames to directions.


DSC_0460Since check-in wasn’t until 4 p.m. and I’m a morning person (sorry husband!), we set out super early and headed to Amicalola Falls. It’s the tallest waterfall in Georgia and has a hiking trail that leads to the southernmost point of the Appalachian Trail. So far my travels have led me to many different points along the Appalachian Trail, perhaps this is a sign! I was unable to hike or climb the almost 500 stairs down the waterfall because of my uncooperative knee, but the views were breathtaking. The trees were nowhere near as beautiful as they were last month in North Georgia, all the colorful leaves had fallen leaving the trees barren.


DSC_0426My sis and her boyfriend joined us on the second night for a night of mischief. In the morning I filled the cabin with the aroma of bacon and coffee to get everyone out of bed, and then before we knew it, it was time to leave. An awful 6 hours later we were finally home and had managed to escape Atlanta holiday traffic!



Tomorrow is Thanksgiving with the fam, and I’m ready to cook up a storm and then gobble everything down. I’m in charge of the macaroni and cheese and green bean casserole. I’ve found a gooey, creamy macaroni recipe and I’m making the green bean casserole from scratch because the traditional method of plopping a can of Campbell’s soup on top of green beans is kind of gross.

Best x.



Life updates:

A guy from USA Today asked to use one of my photos in an article, so that was cool.

It’s hell week next week, aka Exams and Papers and Projects are piled on the last week of class before Thanksgiving break.

The hubs and I booked 2 nights in a cabin in the mountains Thanksgiving week (the puppies are coming too!). Hot tub (check), seclusion (check), mountain views (check). Can’t wait.

Aggressive physical therapy continues- maybe some improvement?

We have a new fire pit in the back yard and we spend every night around the fire chatting and drinking the husbands home brew beer and burning years of college notes that have accumulated in my house over the 8 years I’ve been in school.


I had a rose chai tea latte yesterday that was amazing and I want another one right now.


The puppies thoroughly enjoyed their walk downtown the other day. It was beautiful outside.

Lexi IMG_4779

I’m in class as we speak dying of boredom and despising my self absorbed professor. He’s truly terrible.

A bottle of wine and Criminal Minds netflix marathon awaits me tonight!

Best x.

I’m a Bad Blogger

When it comes to blogging I’m definitely not a pro! Life gets a bit busy and my posts get few and far between. I thought it was time to do a bit of an update.

Today! I’m enjoying an evening to myself with a glass of wine (dry riesling) and House Hunters International. Plus, packing for a much needed cabin weekend in the mountains with my ladies! I’m looking forward to a weekend of catching up, hot-tubbing, girl talk, wine, cheese and antiquing. I can feel the stress melting away already! It might snow and the thought of soaking in the hot tub while watching the mountains get blanketed with snow makes me smile. Also, I’m bringing my camera, so stay tuned for fabulous views!


Homework, homework and more homework. Plus, they tortured me in physical therapy with electrical muscle stimulation and OUCH that stuff hurts!!!!

And, I got my new white balance lens cover and played around with setting the white balance manually. So far it seems great! The first photo is a lovely snap of my backyard on auto white balance, the second is with the white balance set manually with my news lens cap. I’m loving the more vivid colors!White balance pic

Last class of the day cancelled= watching American Horror Story: Asylum on Netflix for hours. I skipped this season in the past and am seriously regretting it! Probably the scariest season so far!

Bad news. My knee still isn’t doing well; it healed kind of sideways. My doctor wants me to try “aggressive” physical therapy and he gave me a brace that looks like a piece of hardware. I might have to have another surgery in December if I can’t get my kneecap to bend back to where it’s supposed to be. Damn these knees I was born with!!!

Caught up with a friend downtown over coffee. I tell her that I see her seasonally since we’re both so busy and she doesn’t live in Savannah anymore- so it’s always so nice to trade stories. I suppose I’ll see her again in the winter!

Best x.