Eat This Now

On today’s episode of Eat This NOW:

Monkey Salad: unsweetened toasted coconut chips, unsalted roasted baby cashews, and a banana. The recipe doesn’t specify amounts of each ingredient, but I used 1/8 cup of cashews and 1/4 cup of coconut. It was so easy and so satisfying.


Also, last night I made green bean fries with dinner using this recipe, and they were amazing. Nothing like real fries, obviously, but crispy and satisfying. Be warned, it was super messy and time-consuming to coat the green beans.


Best x.


Back on Track

The first week of classes is always exhausting (especially on crutches), but I made it; The last first week of classes ever.  I’m so ready to graduate in May that it’s not even funny.

Also, in lieu of school starting, I’m trying to get my life back on track after being lazy and recovering from surgery over Christmas break. I’m trying to get my eating back on track without overdoing it and giving up after the first week. I’ve started making smoothies for breakfast with a banana, almond butter, almond milk, spinach, and protein powder. They’re easy to make and I drink them on the way to class. I’ve also made sure to make my dinners at least half veggies and my husband and I made a pact to stop eating out until Spring Break (with small exceptions for a birthday and Valentine’s day).

AND, I crossed two items off my cooking bucket list last night with the same meal: zoodles and pesto! I bought this inexpensive appliance from Amazon and dusted off my food processor waiting on standby since my birthday (thanks mom!) and put together a delicious meal. I topped my “zoodles” with fresh spinach pesto (pureed in the food processor) and mixed in chicken apple sausage and artichoke hearts. It was delicious; I highly recommend zucchini as a pasta substitute.

Pesto pasta


Life is Always Changing

I stuck to the Super Shred diet for a solid week and a half until life threw another curveball (as always) and I had a friend visit. I know I need to learn to adjust my diet to the ups and downs of life, but it’s hard when I’m constantly adventuring with a BFF. I’ve know Val since middle school, but she moved away when I was in high school. We’ve managed to keep in touch and pull each other through hard times.  On a positive note, Val and I worked out almost everyday and we stayed active!


The week was complete with donuts, running snake encounters, booze, bargain hunting, wasp stings, girls dates, sex shops and beach days!

IMG_3164We brought the dogs to Jekyll Island last Thursday for a day of sun! They had so much fun and were completely worn out!


IMG_3166Also, check out my week in noms. Yes, that is the most delicious cheesecake of life!

IMG_3165Recently I’ve been realizing just how important girlfriends are. I’ve always been the kind of girl that has a strong connection with the man in my life and I don’t generally get close to too many people. No matter what though, it’s always your girlfriends that pull you through hard times and will be there no matter what! Ok, time to go, I’m getting sappy!



Week 1 Day 2 of The Super Shred Diet

I’ve been slowly chugging along with the Super Shred diet. It’s essentially a plan that keeps you eating small amounts throughout the whole day to keep your metabolism up and your blood sugar levels stable. I know it’s only been 2 days, but it’s tough to eat so often! I’m the kind of person who will default to eating only one or two HUGE meals a day if I stop trying. So more food, less often. This is a whole new way of eating for me. I’m not naturally a snacker, and this diet encourages snacks. I love the smoothie recipes and eating lots of carbs for breakfast. YUM!

Here’s my beautiful ‘Meal 3’ Salad. Look at those veggies!

IMG_2939 Another huge part of the plan is the horrible E word. Exercise. Lots of it, almost everyday for about 45 minutes or so. I mean, I know exercise is important BUT WHYYYYY?! Yesterday I sweated my ass off for 45 minutes doing intervals on the treadmill. Today I huffed and puffed my way around the neighborhood with the puppies and the husband and burned around 320 (per my HRM) in the process.

I’m still feeling very positive! It’s just going to require a lot of commitment to keep my meals prepped and on time!

The Green Truck Pub Savannah

IMG_2883Let me tell you all about a magical place. A place where burgers are grass fed/sourced locally, pickles are made fresh, ketchup is made in house and great craft beers are all around. Any true burger lover needs to stop by the Green Truck Pub on their way through Savannah, Georgia. It’s small and not in the heart of downtown Savannah, but there is always a line out the door. Locals, foodies and visitors alike enjoy the quirky atmosphere, great service, and delicious food. Wash it all down with a local craft beer and you’ve got a full belly and a smiling face!IMG_2894After starting with a beer (of course), I ordered a Green Truck Classic burger with swiss. The ketchup and fries are almost as delicious as the burger. Their house made ketchup is tangy and goes perfectly with the fresh cut fries. Healthy eating, we shall meet again….sometime.IMG_2893After lunch we went on a walk in downtown Savannah to burn off a few of those new fat cells on my thighs. We strolled down Jones Street, known as the prettiest street in Savannah. Eric and I checked out some (fantasy) real-estate. One can only dream.





Uneventful Wednesday

Just another Wednesday. One day I’ll be done with school, then what will I spend my time doing?IMG_2870

I brought bananas to school so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy food there (I see you over there Chick-fil-a). Also, caffeine fix for the day= iced coffee unsweetened with a bit of half and half and a dash of cinnamon.


What is this you ask? If you guessed seaweed then you’re right!


What I’ve Been Eating (and Doing)

Banana- Egg Pancakes and Yogurt

Banana- Egg Pancakes and Yogurt

I haven’t posted much this past week because I’ve been following the blogilates meal plans released this last Sunday. Basically, I haven’t been making any of my own recipes to share with you (sad face). I’m actually quite impressed with the meal plans and honestly it’s so much easier to just have a schedule right in front of you telling you what you’re going to eat than planning it all out yourself. So for now recipe creating has taken a back seat to weight loss AND running! (Oh and did I mention finals are coming up next week?)


Edamame Quinoa Salad


Ultra Clean Chicken Meatballs


Chicken and Veggies over Spaghetti Sqaush

Running. I still hate it, but I know I’m improving. I shocked myself by running 4 miles on Tuesday (granted I nearly died). I ran 3.1 miles today (5k) in 36 minutes which is improvement. I think it’s the perfectionist in me but somehow I still think I should do better. I once read on a website far far away that a good 5k time to aim for as a beginner is 30 minutes. And I know most people train for awhile before a 5k and it is only my second week training but I feel like it’s not good enough. I see people’s annoying run posts on Facebook too (who does that?) and of course I’m not that fast. But alas, it’s only my second week, I know. By the way, I’ve got terrible blisters all over my feet and by looking at them you’d think they got mangled by a runaway lawnmower.


Trying to stay positive.

Also today, as I was in dire need of running clothes, I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and Under Armour and spent way too much on clothes that actually fit me. yay! (Also got all of my Christmas shopping done for the whole family- including the in-laws!)

Running Garb

Running Garb


But seriously, aren’t these socks great?

My New Rule

I implemented a new rule in the Secord household this summer that I think will be strictly enforced. Now I’m not one to follow rules….ok so maybe I am the list making, cross all my T’s and dot all my I’s kind of girl, but this one is gold. Let’s call it a commandment, because hey, why not.

“Thou shalt not keep junk food in thy house”

There. That’s all. Sounds so simple, but it was honestly something I had never thought to do before. I figured the world is full of delectable treats and greasy pizzas so what’s the big deal if I have a few in my house? Well it’s a huge deal. Your house is your sanctuary. You should fill it with things that make you feel good about yourself. When I look at a big pizza or a bag of chips I feel bad. Guilty. Dare I say FAT.  So why even tempt yourself? I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself, by all means do. Just not in your sanctuary. I keep my fridge stocked with healthy foods and my pantry is filled with healthy and satisfying snacks. And I like it that way. Yes, it can be frustrating when your feeling peckish and want to pick at a pack of crackers or chocolatey snacks, but I  have learned to eat only when I’m hungry. And let me say the husband was definitely not on board with this plan at first, but eh life goes on. Whenever I’m feel naughty we go out for pizza or I grab a snack at the movie theater. Easy.



I’ve been mixing my snacks up and keeping them healthy (and green apparently). Green apple with key lime yogurt and granola pictured above and ezekiel bread with mashed avocado and over medium egg below.