The Collins Quarter- Savannah, GA

CQ Collage

Since getting home from Europe I’ve had a problem. Coffee just isn’t the same anymore. Nothing can compare to a cappuccino or cafe au lait in Paris. I’ve been spoiled! That’s why I was excited to learn that a new café bar was opening in downtown Savannah. The Collins Quarter is on the corner of Bull and Oglethorpe and is styled after Melbourne’s trendy Collins Street. My husband and I decided to go for lunch today. I was immediately impressed when I walked in. The decor was gorgeous and the atmosphere was laid back.


After looking over the espresso menu we ordered some lattes. Our waiter told us that the baristas and owners have a true passion for crafting specialty drinks and we could tell! They were delicious! The closest I’ve had to the cappuccinos in Paris!

CQ Collage 3Everything (almost everything) on the menu sounded super healthy and delicious. I decided on the smashed avocado because I’m an avocado enthusiast and it came with feta (extra points for cheese!). It was fabulous! The dish was simple, but so fresh and had so much flavor.

Collins Quarter 1

We will definitely hit them up next time for breakfast, or breakkie as they call it!


…and we were off into another rainy summer afternoon.

Best x

The Green Truck Pub Savannah

IMG_2883Let me tell you all about a magical place. A place where burgers are grass fed/sourced locally, pickles are made fresh, ketchup is made in house and great craft beers are all around. Any true burger lover needs to stop by the Green Truck Pub on their way through Savannah, Georgia. It’s small and not in the heart of downtown Savannah, but there is always a line out the door. Locals, foodies and visitors alike enjoy the quirky atmosphere, great service, and delicious food. Wash it all down with a local craft beer and you’ve got a full belly and a smiling face!IMG_2894After starting with a beer (of course), I ordered a Green Truck Classic burger with swiss. The ketchup and fries are almost as delicious as the burger. Their house made ketchup is tangy and goes perfectly with the fresh cut fries. Healthy eating, we shall meet again….sometime.IMG_2893After lunch we went on a walk in downtown Savannah to burn off a few of those new fat cells on my thighs. We strolled down Jones Street, known as the prettiest street in Savannah. Eric and I checked out some (fantasy) real-estate. One can only dream.