Recovery Update

My knee surgery (lateral release and meniscal debridement) was just over 2 weeks ago, but it feels like it’s been so much longer. Time must be passing slowly because being on crutches and in a brace is actually kind of a bummer. I can’t drive and it’s just a struggle to go out, so I’ve been attached to my bed and Netflix (my new Eucalyptus sheets add to the amazingness). Any good suggestions? I recently watched Happy Valley (the first season) and The Affair (Showtime-season 1) and both were amazing.

Also, I’ve been going to physical therapy twice a week and working on my moves at home. I really can’t wait until I can be active again. Seeing the atrophy of the muscles around my knee following an entire year of being injured and two surgeries really motivates me to regain my strength; I feel so weak. Strength training is going to be my focus this year.

In other news, I’ve been slowly composing a design plan for my living room/kitchen revamp project. The big projects are going to be pulling out the carpet and having laminate flooring installed and replacing the ceiling fan. I’m lucky to have a handy hubby. For the decor, my color scheme is tan and gray with hints of teal and burnt orange.  I want the space to be a mix of antiqued/rustic inspired pieces with geometric/ modern accents. Also, I’m going to incorporate plants, probably a rubber plant and succulents (because I love succulents!!). Everything will come together slowly and be budget friendly and I’ve found some great pieces of furniture and have some price-tracked. Here’s a small inspiration board I’ve created!

living room 2

Best, x.

New Hair, New Day!

Recently I’ve been feeling….blah. I haven’t lost any weight (or gained thank god) and my hair has been drab. I needed a beauty lift and there’s really nothing quite like a new haircut and an eyebrow wax to make you feel pretty! I tried out a new stylist suggested by a friend and was so happy with the results. I’m trying to grow my hair out so she didn’t take much length off. She added layers and some sexy side bang. I feel so refreshed


Also! I just ordered new (nerdy/hipster) glasses from this great website that I just learned about, Zenni Optical.  The frames are seriously cheap and are super cute. You can put in your prescription and even order prescription sunglasses! I ordered a pair for $20!