Healing Hiatus

I’ve been on hiatus since mid December due to a meniscal tear and discovery of a genetic variant which left me unable to move much at all. By mid January I underwent surgery on my right knee to remove the deformed section of my meniscus along with the tear. It took 4 weeks post surgery to walk (almost) normally again.  It was a long process but now, the end of March, life has returned to normal, I’m done with physical therapy and I’m left with 2 small scars about the size of a pencil eraser each on either side of my right knee to remind me of the whole ordeal.


All bandaged up in bed


I got lots of doggy snuggles in bed


Friends sent all kinds of goodies

The bad news: my doctor basically told me I don’t have runners knees. The surgeon discovered I already have arthritis in my right knee and my other knee probably has the same meniscal defect. Obviously I was upset at first, I was training for a half marathon after all, but there’s really not much I can do about it and who needs running anyway?? It’s horrible torture. Instead I’ll use the elliptical, walking, swimming, biking, or cycling as cardio to put less stress on my knee joints.

So obviously the whole losing weight process came to a halt as I was bedridden for literally 2 months. The main aim was healing and trying not to gain weight. Honestly, it was a challenge. Sitting in bed all day is boring, and when I’m bored I want to eat!! I tried to stick to juicing and ate a lot of Skinny Pop. I’m happy to say I haven’t gained a pound since my surgery. BUT, I haven’t really lost anything all year and it’s hard to get back into an active routine after being so lazy!! I’m stuck in a cycle of beer and fatty food!

SO, I’m going to start blogging again and keep you up to date on my healing progress and weight loss progress. More recipes and struggles to come!

Knee Injury

I haven’t updated my blog in awhile because of 2 good reasons: finals and a knee injury. I’ve never actually injured a joint or bone before so it’s all new to me and it’s really putting a hold on my running schedule. In fact, I can hardly walk let alone run. I have an appointment with a sports medicine physician this Friday, but until them I’m following the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) treatment method. It’s so hard for me to sit around and be lazy all day, I’m such a busy body naturally and I find myself hobbling around to clean, cook, etc. before realizing that I shouldn’t be up walking around.

I’m really bummed about not being able to follow my training schedule. I finally was really dedicated to meeting my running goals and completing a half marathon in March. Injuring my knee has made me realize that I was pushing my body too hard. I went from no exercise to running 3-4 miles four times a week. After 3 weeks my body is letting me know that it’s too much. When I finally heal and get back to running I’m going to work into it slowly so my joints have time to adjust. Also, I know losing weight will really help take some pressure off my joints.  I’m not sure how long my healing period will be because I don’t know exactly what my injury is yet. My knee swells, gets hot, is very painful and is very unstable when I bare any weight on it.

It’s hard to stay positive while I’m injured. I’m so bored and I find it hard to not eat out of boredom. I’m worried I will gain weight from the inactivity. I just hope that I heal and can get back to working out soon.

What I’ve Been Eating (and Doing)

Banana- Egg Pancakes and Yogurt

Banana- Egg Pancakes and Yogurt

I haven’t posted much this past week because I’ve been following the blogilates meal plans released this last Sunday. Basically, I haven’t been making any of my own recipes to share with you (sad face). I’m actually quite impressed with the meal plans and honestly it’s so much easier to just have a schedule right in front of you telling you what you’re going to eat than planning it all out yourself. So for now recipe creating has taken a back seat to weight loss AND running! (Oh and did I mention finals are coming up next week?)


Edamame Quinoa Salad


Ultra Clean Chicken Meatballs


Chicken and Veggies over Spaghetti Sqaush

Running. I still hate it, but I know I’m improving. I shocked myself by running 4 miles on Tuesday (granted I nearly died). I ran 3.1 miles today (5k) in 36 minutes which is improvement. I think it’s the perfectionist in me but somehow I still think I should do better. I once read on a website far far away that a good 5k time to aim for as a beginner is 30 minutes. And I know most people train for awhile before a 5k and it is only my second week training but I feel like it’s not good enough. I see people’s annoying run posts on Facebook too (who does that?) and of course I’m not that fast. But alas, it’s only my second week, I know. By the way, I’ve got terrible blisters all over my feet and by looking at them you’d think they got mangled by a runaway lawnmower.


Trying to stay positive.

Also today, as I was in dire need of running clothes, I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and Under Armour and spent way too much on clothes that actually fit me. yay! (Also got all of my Christmas shopping done for the whole family- including the in-laws!)

Running Garb

Running Garb


But seriously, aren’t these socks great?

First Week of Half Marathon Training Done

Bella excited for the run

Bella excited for the run

I think I’ve gone insane….why would I want to run 13.1 miles in March?? That’s how I feel during my runs this week. I’m excited to get out there an run, but running is hard. It just is. Mentally and physically. I tend to beat myself up and set unrealistic goals for myself, like doing a 5 mile run my first week of training (not gonna happen!). I am trying to focus on my personal accomplishments and focus on my own improvement. For the first 4 weeks I aimed to run for 30 minutes 4 days a week. On Monday I ran for 35 minutes and was impressed that I ran that long without stopping, but on Wednesday I pulled a muscle 1 mile in and decided I better stop before I give myself a real injury. On Friday I ran for 36 minutes straight over 3 miles. My pace is soooo slow but I’ve learned that it’s more important to slow down and control your breathing if you want to run for distance. Today I took my dog with me and we ran for 2.5 miles. I’m in dire need of a rest day so tomorrow I’m going to take it easy and let my sore legs heal!

Here’s my Half Marathon Schedule I made in excel, week 1 down!:


New Running Shoes


I got fitted for these babies this week at Dick’s Sporting Goods and I actually learned a lot from their staff. I went in looking for running shoes, as I’m never satisfied with my running shoes, and always end up having sore feet. I believe my wide duck feet are to blame. The sides of my feet are too wide for most running shoes causing the sole of the shoe to put a lot of pressure on the bottom edge of my feet. I always assumed that because of my wide feet, a shoe with thin and flexible fabric would be best, the more “barefoot” types of running shoes. I figured that this would give my big wide feet space to expand. As it turned out I was completely wrong and because of my high arches these types of shoes were doing more harm than good.  The sales person/running expert(!) suggested I try on this more supportive pair and I felt the difference right away. It was wide enough for my feet and had nice snug arch support. I was sold (plus they were on sale). I’m wearing them in slowly and hope this discovery really makes a difference in my running goals!