Eat This Now

On today’s episode of Eat This NOW:

Monkey Salad: unsweetened toasted coconut chips, unsalted roasted baby cashews, and a banana. The recipe doesn’t specify amounts of each ingredient, but I used 1/8 cup of cashews and 1/4 cup of coconut. It was so easy and so satisfying.


Also, last night I made green bean fries with dinner using this recipe, and they were amazing. Nothing like real fries, obviously, but crispy and satisfying. Be warned, it was super messy and time-consuming to coat the green beans.


Best x.


Afternoon Bake Fest

Yesterday I suddenly had the urge to bake, and I hate baking.  I think it’s because I like to be able to only vaguely follow a recipe and with baking it’s more of an exact science. Rising, kneading, mixing; it won’t work unless your measurements are right! Plus, I like what I cook to look pretty (it’s the perfectionist in me), and whenever I bake….it’s not pretty.

I can't wait to bake!

I can’t wait to bake!

I decided to use this sudden baking compulsion to begin on my cooking bucket list. My sister joined in on the festivities and we picked 3 different recipes. I chose to bake a pumpkin pie (100% from scratch), my sister chose to bake orange chocolate chip scones and then we ended the evening with a pretzel twisting competition.

I used this pumpkin pie recipe. It was actually hard to find one that called for fresh rather than canned pumpkin. Honestly, the pumpkin pie crust was a struggle, and my little pumpkin’s yield was low; I was very skeptical, but it still turned out delicious!

Baking CollageKatie’s scones were delicious; crisp on the outside and soft on the inside ! We paired them with whipped cream, because what doesn’t taste better with whipped cream?

Baking6But, my favorite recipe of the day ended up being the soft pretzels! The recipe was so simple, but I was so impressed! It was also fun rolling, twisting and shaping them- there were some REALLY fat, misshapen and ugly pretzels. I don’t think my sister or I have a future career in pretzel-making. They paired perfectly with the sweet dijon sauce.Baking Collage2 Baking


Best x.

Uneventful Wednesday

Just another Wednesday. One day I’ll be done with school, then what will I spend my time doing?IMG_2870

I brought bananas to school so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy food there (I see you over there Chick-fil-a). Also, caffeine fix for the day= iced coffee unsweetened with a bit of half and half and a dash of cinnamon.


What is this you ask? If you guessed seaweed then you’re right!


Clean? Eating

Ok so let’s talk about clean eating. You see those two words everywhere these days but what does it even mean? I personally can’t stand the phrase. Why? It can mean anything and nothing all at the same time. It doesn’t teach anyone anything about nutrition. One person might consider yogurt and wheat crackers as clean eating while others may just consider a “paleo” (post to come on this topic) or vegan diet clean. I continuously see clean eating touted as the ultimate right of healthy eating. And though I completely agree with the whole premise of “clean eating”, foods with minimal ingredients closest to their natural state are obviously better for you, but let’s stop all this confusion with “clean eating”. Instead focus on what makes you feel good and what foods provide us with the most nutrition instead of judging other’s less than clean eating.

Clean enough for ya??

Clean enough for ya??

My New Rule

I implemented a new rule in the Secord household this summer that I think will be strictly enforced. Now I’m not one to follow rules….ok so maybe I am the list making, cross all my T’s and dot all my I’s kind of girl, but this one is gold. Let’s call it a commandment, because hey, why not.

“Thou shalt not keep junk food in thy house”

There. That’s all. Sounds so simple, but it was honestly something I had never thought to do before. I figured the world is full of delectable treats and greasy pizzas so what’s the big deal if I have a few in my house? Well it’s a huge deal. Your house is your sanctuary. You should fill it with things that make you feel good about yourself. When I look at a big pizza or a bag of chips I feel bad. Guilty. Dare I say FAT.  So why even tempt yourself? I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself, by all means do. Just not in your sanctuary. I keep my fridge stocked with healthy foods and my pantry is filled with healthy and satisfying snacks. And I like it that way. Yes, it can be frustrating when your feeling peckish and want to pick at a pack of crackers or chocolatey snacks, but I  have learned to eat only when I’m hungry. And let me say the husband was definitely not on board with this plan at first, but eh life goes on. Whenever I’m feel naughty we go out for pizza or I grab a snack at the movie theater. Easy.



I’ve been mixing my snacks up and keeping them healthy (and green apparently). Green apple with key lime yogurt and granola pictured above and ezekiel bread with mashed avocado and over medium egg below.