April Update

Oh look at that, one month since my last post! Maybe it was my internship keeping me busy, or school work piling up, or the fact that we sold our house, but I just didn’t feel like blogging.

Tax season was insane. I’m just the intern, but these people who work in tax work over 60 hours a week. I learned so much working with them and gained some invaluable working experience.

School. I’m still on the fence. Should I enroll in graduate school? My brain tells me yes, but my wallet says no. I’ve been mulling over the idea of working a simple nine-to-five and spending free weekends and evenings with my husband, friends, and family. And regarding graduate school, as one of my eccentric professors says, “do you like pieces of paper that make you feel good?”

That magnificant husband of mine, who has been slaving away on weekend shift to bring home the bacon for over 2 years, has finally secured a spot on a regular shift. No more 13 hour days Friday through Sunday; no more being on completely opposite schedules; no more weekends without my special guy. He will be working Monday through Friday, like the rest of us. I see weekend trips on the horizon.

l208e2b45-m0r_FotorWe sold our little house. The home where our love grew and where memories were made, will be tucked away in an album somewhere to be reminisced about later. It’s bittersweet. We love our little house and (with lots of my help) it has transformed from bachelor pad to cozy family home. But, over time, the neighborhood is going downhill and we don’t feel like part of the community here. Not to mention soaring crime rates and feeling constricted- I can’t see our family growing here. So we enlisted an esteemed agent, donated boxes and boxes to Goodwill, touched up the paint, took advice from a stager, and put the house on the market. Just one day later we got an offer. Two days after that we got a full-price offer. We really did not see this coming and apartment hunting has gone into overdrive. We’re on the list for the PERFECT apartment downtown. It’s within walking distance from cafes and restaurants and parks and has a cute private courtyard. Fingers crossed! IMG_6249

I’m still eagerly awaiting my summer internship. My official start date is May 11th. I’m slowly building my professional wardrobe and can’t wait to make a real paycheck!   -a.



I GOT THE JOB! I will be a summer intern in the cost accounting department at an awesome company. It’s going to be full-time, pays really well and could lead to a real job! I am beyond excited! 2 internships in one year!

The funny thing is that I was almost sure I didn’t get this job. There were 4 intern spots in the various accounting departments, and I know another girl at school who also interviewed for the job. I overheard her telling her friend early this morning that she got the internship today. Immediately I assumed that I mustn’t have gotten the job because I would have gotten a phone call. I was in a weird mood at work for the rest of the afternoon and checked my phone nonstop hoping for the phone to ring, but it didn’t.

I walked out of work, tired and disappointed, and as I got in my car my phone started to ring. “It’s too late for a job offer,” I thought. But it was the manager of the cost department offering me the internship! I accepted (obviously) and will start this May.

The job is welcomed news in a time of sadness for my family.


So Excited!

I tried Starbuck’s new coconut milk today in a caffe latte and it was delicious! It was creamy and foamy and perfect! Of course, coconut milk isn’t a low fat alternative, but I’m always a fan of a good dairy substitute.

In other (much more exciting) news, I have an interview today for a summer intern position at a BIG company in the area. I’m excited that I even got chosen to interview. I feel like I have a pretty strong resume now and have a lot to offer, but I’m still nervous! It’s full time over the summer, pays well, and would give me the opportunity to see the private industry side of accounting. So here I am, sitting and waiting for a whole other hour until I get the call.

I also talked to my graduate advisor today and got my schedule sorted out for the rest of the year. I should graduate with my masters degree summer 2016! I can’t wait! And I’ve applied for about 6 scholarships to help prepare.

Wish me luck!


Staying on Track

Work has been busy. I’m putting in more hours than expected, but I don’t mind; I feel like I’m actually good at it. Plus, I got my first paycheck!

The steady schedule is helping me eat healthier. I pack healthy lunches in the morning without even having to think about it and don’t have time to have many snacks. The hard part is dinner, but as long as I have something easy around then it’s no problem.

Super boring post, but student life isn’t that exciting!


Life List

  • I started my internship last Monday (hence the lack of blogging, or much of anything else lately). It has me soooo busy, but I’m learning a lot. I even have my own office, with dual screens, squishy chair, 2 desks and all! I’ve got a lot of autonomy and get to work on my own files and projects. The people I work with are really great too, and always willing to teach me. One of the partners wants me to work on an audit with her next week and I’m excited!
  • When I’m not at work, I’m in class, and these classes are challenging. I’d rather be at work! I dropped my online class because I know I can’t keep up with the group work. Almost half the grade is a group project so I’m taking it over the summer.
  • I’ve still kept up with the not eating out challenge! We went out for the hubby’s birthday last weekend for sushi, but we had preplanned a dinner before the challenge started. I actually feel better from not eating all the greasy fast food. I pack my lunch and snacks for the day in the morning.
  • I’m slowly adding exercise back into my routine. I can almost walk normally now and my doctor said I could start using the elliptical. I’ve been doing 10 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike. It’s a start!
  • The Mr. has been in California all week and I’ve been enjoying my evenings cuddled up with the dogs and watching whatever I want on TV. It’s nice to be selfish sometimes, but I can’t wait to see him!
  • I can’t wait until Spring Break!! Plans have changed again, but I can’t wait!


School Days

Life has been nothing to report home about recently. School, club meetings, homework, physical therapy, etc. It’s hard sometimes to find my life blog-worthy, but I continue in the hopes that I can look back and remember these days fondly.

We got our floors done today and it looks so good! It only took the guys about 6 hours and they looked amazing. Talk about infant gratification. Now I’m trying to keep my credit card from being swiped in a whirlwind of decoration excitement!

Also, I’ve discovered a goldmine of sexy/professional curvy petite clothing at the Loft and Ann Taylor and started my corporate wardrobe. Everything fits so well and I don’t know why I’ve never tried this before. Fit is everything.

Plus we’ve also stayed committed to our no eating out goal and I feel so much better without all the greasy junk food.

Best x.

Putting Myself Out There

I’m slowly pulling myself out of the injury/recovery hole, and I can see the light! I’m starting to fill my schedule with more appointments and activities and am enjoying being more active and productive. I can even drive now and should be completely cleared to take my leg brace off next week.

And, ohh god; I chopped my hair off. 8 inches to be exact. My stylist went a little scissor happy, but I’m not the type of girl that gets all worked up over my hair (it grows back you know). Anyway, it looks fabulous, but it’s taking some getting used to. I also got some blonde-ish highlights to brighten up my face.

In school news, I’ve been so busy. I’m joining Beta Alpha Psi to get more involved and boost my resume. It’s going to require a lot of community service hours and that I attend lots of meetings over the semester. Those commitments, along with school and my internship that starts in a couple of weeks will keep my schedule really full.

Also, I’ve decided to take the plunge and get my masters degree. I’ve been applying for scholarships to offset the cost and network my way into a graduate assistantship in the School of Accountancy. I think grad school will prepare me more to take the CPA exam next year and give me the most career opportunities in the future. I know I’m smart and work hard, so I want to make sure I make the most of my time in school.

It’s absolutely out of my comfort zone to put myself out there this much, but I know I’ll regret it one day if I don’t.

best x.


The Intern

Last Thursday I got a call and was officially offered the intern position for Spring semester at the accounting firm I interviewed with a couple of weeks ago. I accepted (obviously!) and am so excited to start. It is a part-time internship, which fits perfectly into my light last semester AND it’s paid. I feel grateful because so many students these days have to settle for unpaid internships. I’m excited to beef up my resume and learn more about my field. I’m finally building a foundation for my career!

I really put myself out there and used connections to land this job. I realize now that you have control over your own future and success. In my previous degree program I felt very lost and formed no solid connections with professors and firms. This time around I made a big effort to stand out, attend events and get to know my professors and it really paid off!


Busy Week!

This week has been full of exciting career-related events. I went to a resume bootcamp on Monday and completely revamped my resume. It’s pretty sharp now! Also, I went to a meet and greet with a big company around here and met some important people. And, I killed a test in one of my hardest classes.

But the big news is that I had an interview today for the company that I REALLY want to work for. I was so nervous because I’ve never really been to a corporate interview where everyone is all black suit and heels (if applicable). But, it went so well! There were two women interviewing me. They asked me a ton of questions and I felt like my answers were on point. I asked them questions too and felt completely relaxed. I’m really hoping to hear back from them!

Also, I had my big presentation for one of my classes and that went way better than expected. I HATE public speaking, but I managed to keep my nerves at bay. After class my professor even pulled me aside and said she loved my topic and that I did great. I feel pretty accomplished today and it’s only midday.

I’m so glad that I decided to take a different career path over a year ago; I was in nursing school and dreaded my future job. Sometimes it’s hard to make big decisions like that. You don’t want to let down your family or friends and it’s hard to shake the feeling that you’re giving up on something. But sometimes if you find yourself in the wrong story, you just have to leave and start a new one.

Best x.

P.S. I’m still doing the photo challenge and I will update on that this weekend. I ordered a white balance cap last week and, stupid me, I ordered the wrong size!


Mastering Life?

Today was a perfect Thursday. Class, good news, perfect paper thesis developed, life planning + downtown pub date followed by decaf espresso and a stroll downtown = yes! It was a delightful evening.


Good news?

I’ve always felt that you can’t do better in life than learn what you’re good at, develop your passions and try things that scare you. I’ve found what I’m good at, accounting (I know, lame) and the corporate world scares me, which is good. But I feel like I’ve been in school forever. I started college in 2006, got a dumb bachelors degree and dipped my toes into a few different fields before finding accounting. I’m ready to work (and my student loans are mounting). Today I spoke with my professor/unofficial mentor and asked him one questions: should I get a masters degree?

These days it seems like you can’t get anywhere without a graduate degree. Bachelors degrees are becoming practically obsolete. It’s probably just a way to dig deeper into students’ pockets, but it could really look good on my resume. I’ve already applied and I think I have a good chance of being accepted. Plus a masters in accounting only takes one year. On top of that, my teacher practically assured me that I would get a graduate assistantship next year! This means FREE tuition plus a monthly stipend. This is HUGE.

I’m feeling rather accomplished today.

Best x