Wake Up Call

The other day my sister and I were lazing at my house, just chatting (reality TV on in the background), when she said something that really struck me. She said: “you know, you define every event in your life by the weight that you were.”

And it’s so true. I know my lowest high school weight (108), my high school graduation weight (117), my weight when I met my husband (135), my weight when I graduated college (140), my wedding weight (145), and my highest weight (xxx). I can probably even tell you my weight just by looking at an old photo. I know that I haven’t had the healthiest relationship with the scale and my body, but it just seems so dumb that through all these memories, all these celebrations and life changing moments that I remember something as stupid as a three digits number on a scale. The number has nothing to do with how much I excelled or enjoyed myself or how much others loved me or were proud of me. It’s just a number.

And that’s why I need to change. Confidence begins from within no matter what weight or size. So I’m working on my mind and my happiness rather than the number. When I treat myself right, I feel even better at this weight than I did at my lowest weight.



The D Word

Diet. I hate to say that word because of all the scariness and failure it entails, but I’ve been really pushing to be healthy recently. My life is a lot more structured now since getting my job and starting classes, which makes staying on track easier. I’ve also been using MyFitnessPal. I’m trying not to get too obsessed with numbers, as long as I aim for healthy and eat when I’m hungry. I’ve been logging for almost a month now and my intense cravings for greasy food have (mostly) subsided. Our challenge to not eat out is also making it easier to stay on track. I’ve cut out drinking for the most part, as well as fried food and junk food in general, but nothing is off limits. I left calories for one beer last night and I’ve been cooking homemade pizzas to recreate a healthier version of one of my favorite foods. I decided to weigh myself on the 1st and 15th of each month and keep the scale out of sight.

I’m not doing any special crazy diet. No low-carb, no sugar free or fat free, no paleo,  vegan or juicing and no obsession with everything being “clean”. Just simple portion control and self control. I lost 4 pounds in the first 2 weeks and and I’m hoping for a couple of more on March 1!


School Days

Life has been nothing to report home about recently. School, club meetings, homework, physical therapy, etc. It’s hard sometimes to find my life blog-worthy, but I continue in the hopes that I can look back and remember these days fondly.

We got our floors done today and it looks so good! It only took the guys about 6 hours and they looked amazing. Talk about infant gratification. Now I’m trying to keep my credit card from being swiped in a whirlwind of decoration excitement!

Also, I’ve discovered a goldmine of sexy/professional curvy petite clothing at the Loft and Ann Taylor and started my corporate wardrobe. Everything fits so well and I don’t know why I’ve never tried this before. Fit is everything.

Plus we’ve also stayed committed to our no eating out goal and I feel so much better without all the greasy junk food.

Best x.

Eat This Now

On today’s episode of Eat This NOW:

Monkey Salad: unsweetened toasted coconut chips, unsalted roasted baby cashews, and a banana. The recipe doesn’t specify amounts of each ingredient, but I used 1/8 cup of cashews and 1/4 cup of coconut. It was so easy and so satisfying.


Also, last night I made green bean fries with dinner using this recipe, and they were amazing. Nothing like real fries, obviously, but crispy and satisfying. Be warned, it was super messy and time-consuming to coat the green beans.


Best x.

Back on Track

The first week of classes is always exhausting (especially on crutches), but I made it; The last first week of classes ever.  I’m so ready to graduate in May that it’s not even funny.

Also, in lieu of school starting, I’m trying to get my life back on track after being lazy and recovering from surgery over Christmas break. I’m trying to get my eating back on track without overdoing it and giving up after the first week. I’ve started making smoothies for breakfast with a banana, almond butter, almond milk, spinach, and protein powder. They’re easy to make and I drink them on the way to class. I’ve also made sure to make my dinners at least half veggies and my husband and I made a pact to stop eating out until Spring Break (with small exceptions for a birthday and Valentine’s day).

AND, I crossed two items off my cooking bucket list last night with the same meal: zoodles and pesto! I bought this inexpensive appliance from Amazon and dusted off my food processor waiting on standby since my birthday (thanks mom!) and put together a delicious meal. I topped my “zoodles” with fresh spinach pesto (pureed in the food processor) and mixed in chicken apple sausage and artichoke hearts. It was delicious; I highly recommend zucchini as a pasta substitute.

Pesto pasta


30 Before 30

Ever since I downloaded the Timehop app on my phone a few weeks ago (I know I’m really late to the party), I’ve been eye rolling and cringing at my former self’s statuses. Boyfriend statuses and bad grammar aside, it’s a useful way to remember old posts and goals. It reminded me that one year ago today I posted my 30 Before 30 list. Your 30 Before 30 is pretty simple: 30 things you want to accomplish or do before you turn the dreaded 3-0. I had almost forgotten about that list I made on a good friends request 365 days ago, but here it is:


  1. Get my passport stamped✔️
  2. Gamble in Vegas
  3. Sign up for a yoga class
  4. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  5. Pay off those student loans
  6. Brew my own beer✔️
  7. Ace an interview✔️
  8. Plant a herb garden
  9. Visit an island country
  10. Go camping
  11. Get over my fear of scuba diving
  12. Run my first race
  13. Go to a wine tasting in Napa
  14. Land my first real job
  15. Learn to drive a stick shift
  16. Try golf
  17. Rock out at a huge music festival
  18. Hike part of the Appalachian trail
  19. Drive the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway
  20. Eat a cronut
  21. Boat on the lake in central park
  22. Give skiing a shot
  23. Read 25 of Time Magazines 100 best books of all time
  24. Learn about photography✔️
  25. Visit the city where I was born
  26. Take a class to learn a new hobby
  27. Cook every recipe in a cookbook
  28. Lose 30 pounds
  29. Take a hot air balloon ride
  30. Become a mother

I placed a check mark by the ones that I completed in year 25 of my life. I still have 26-29 left to complete the rest, which I think is doable. I feel like a few fun vacations will cover most of them! Upon second glance, I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I wrote #30: Become a mother; I’m not ready to be a mother and I’m not sure if that’s something we will do by the time I’m 30. Maybe when I’m 29 or 30; we’re definitely not in a hurry to take on parenthood.

This year I’ve got plans to tackle #8: Plant a herb garden, #10: Go Camping, #13: Wine taste in Napa (maybe), #14: Land my first real job, #27: Cook every recipe in a cookbook (at least get started), and #28: Lose 30 Pounds.

I selected the cookbook I’ll be baking, broiling, roasting, and frying my way through: Thug Kitchen. I’ve heard so much about it in the blog world and think it will combine my love of flavor and my desire to be healthy. It’s a vegan cookbook with an attitude; the wording is hilarious!

IMG_5504To a great 26th year!


Body Acceptance

Today, as I sat in Panera eating my convenient “healthy” lunch and emailing potential internship leads, I began slowly eavesdropping on the conversation in the booth next to me. Sat deep in lunchtime discussion were two, well-dressed, fashionably accessorized middle-aged women. They obviously both took care of themselves and were picking at salads. However, their discussion made me sad. They spoke of their weights and hatred of how they looked and how much they wanted to weigh. They went on discussing how to cook fish without adding fat and which green beans have the least amount of calories. What made me sad was that this isn’t an unusual occurrence. This is normal, everyday conversation for many women; and yes I’m guilty of this too.

I always hoped that as I grew older it would be easier to love my body and accept how I look. It’s clear, though, that even 2 completely beautiful, thin 40-something women still don’t feel happy with how they look and hope to be thinner. Imagine what these ladies could accomplish if they had all the extra time spent worrying about weight loss? Maybe body hatred should stop. I don’t want to obsess about weight. It’s such a waste of time. I will enjoy my 180 calorie baguette with my soup and learn to embrace the one body I have in this life and you should too. In the end, our aim should be about happiness, acceptance and health; not the number on the scale or being a size 2.

Week 1 Day 3 Complete!

I completed week 1 day 3 of the Super Shred diet !! I brought all my snacks with me and even packed a lunch when I went out for the day. It made it so much easier to to not eat at a restaurant.  I also did another 40 minutes of alternating walking and running. I’m highly impressed with how my knee feels during the runs, considering how immobile I was post-surgery just 3 months ago.


Today I strolled down Bay Street in downtown Savannah with my mister and dreamt up DIY projects in the antique stores. I also fell in love with some beautiful wood and stained glass antique bars.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a spare $30,000.


Isn’t it beautiful???

I love looking at and touching all the handcrafted furniture. You can see all the passion that went into making each piece. One day I’ll fill my home with the perfect mix of these beautiful, old pieces and modern furniture.


I know it’s repetitive, but it really has been beautiful in Savannah these past few weeks.  Be jealous.


Week 1 Day 2 of The Super Shred Diet

I’ve been slowly chugging along with the Super Shred diet. It’s essentially a plan that keeps you eating small amounts throughout the whole day to keep your metabolism up and your blood sugar levels stable. I know it’s only been 2 days, but it’s tough to eat so often! I’m the kind of person who will default to eating only one or two HUGE meals a day if I stop trying. So more food, less often. This is a whole new way of eating for me. I’m not naturally a snacker, and this diet encourages snacks. I love the smoothie recipes and eating lots of carbs for breakfast. YUM!

Here’s my beautiful ‘Meal 3’ Salad. Look at those veggies!

IMG_2939 Another huge part of the plan is the horrible E word. Exercise. Lots of it, almost everyday for about 45 minutes or so. I mean, I know exercise is important BUT WHYYYYY?! Yesterday I sweated my ass off for 45 minutes doing intervals on the treadmill. Today I huffed and puffed my way around the neighborhood with the puppies and the husband and burned around 320 (per my HRM) in the process.

I’m still feeling very positive! It’s just going to require a lot of commitment to keep my meals prepped and on time!

The Perfect Day to Blog Outside

Today was gorgeous outside. Like the kind of day that made me skip my second class to walk around campus outside. and I don’t even feel bad about it. In fact, here I am, blogging in the back yard, enjoying the birds, trees and fresh air.

IMG_2819Today I decided I’ve been drinking way to much caffeine, thoughts inspired by this Buzzfeed quiz telling me that one tall Starbucks coffee has 260 mg of caffeine. I usually have a venti coffee, plus refills = problem! Could be why I’m having these headaches and finding it hard to fall asleep at night. So here is my iced green tea (unsweetened) with 40 mg of caffeine instead. Small steps.

IMG_2832Also, I can’t wait for this weekend! I’m going on a trip to see my 2 best girl friends and we always drink, eat and laugh too much and it makes me happy.

To kickstart some much needed weight loss when I get back, I’m starting this program, highly recommended by the mother. Any thoughts?


Unrelated side note, my husband is the best and surprised me with Calvin Klein Euphoria, which I love.

IMG_2829 IMG_2830