City Dreaming

Packing, organizing and moving have taken center-stage in my life. It’s insane how much clutter I’ve accumulated over the years and stuffed in the back of closets. We’ve donated thousands of dollars worth of household goods and sold what I considered junk on Craigslist (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, I suppose). My home is jam-packed with boxes in preparation for our move-out day later this month.

And, we have a new place to call home! Real estate leasing is a cut-throat market in downtown Savannah. We lost the race to sign the dotted line on 3 incredible apartments before finally finding our future home. I saw the posting for the modern, loft-stlye condo early one morning and called to set up a viewing later that afternoon. Instantly we fell in love with the high ceilings, loft windows, concrete floors, and ultra-modern atmosphere. Knowing we had to be aggressive to find a home in downtown Savannah, we made the immediate decision to sign the lease and put down a deposit. We are beyond thrilled to start our new life as young professionals experiencing downtown living.




We will have all of Savannah at our fingertips.




New Blog Direction

I started this little blog with the intention of documenting my weight loss, half-marathon training, and recipes. As I racked up miles and whipped up healthy meals, my focus was the number on the scale. But, a lot has changed since my life hit an unexpected U-turn when I injured my knee running in December 2013 and wasn’t able to walk, let alone run. Running had always been my go-to workout and, to me, was synonymous with weight loss; it was a big deal. I had my first knee surgery in January 2014 and was glued to the sofa for months. Surgery didn’t work and my knee required yet another surgery in December (more sofa).

Since my activity level never surpassed sitting/limping, I slowly became depressed and unable to shed pounds.  To improve my mood, I tried to focus more on healing my knee rather than losing weight. The problem was, I didn’t really know what to blog about anymore. So I spent the year blogging about my travels and daily life, and gradually began focusing on self-improvement and happiness. My blog is now less about weight loss and more about my recovery and journey to self-confidence and body acceptance. Yes, I still plan to lose weight and get healthy, but I also focus on what makes me happy: my friends, traveling, my family, and trying new things. This blog is now my space to share my experiences (and maybe a recipe here and there) as a twenty-something struggling to find balance.

Best, -x.

The Intern

Last Thursday I got a call and was officially offered the intern position for Spring semester at the accounting firm I interviewed with a couple of weeks ago. I accepted (obviously!) and am so excited to start. It is a part-time internship, which fits perfectly into my light last semester AND it’s paid. I feel grateful because so many students these days have to settle for unpaid internships. I’m excited to beef up my resume and learn more about my field. I’m finally building a foundation for my career!

I really put myself out there and used connections to land this job. I realize now that you have control over your own future and success. In my previous degree program I felt very lost and formed no solid connections with professors and firms. This time around I made a big effort to stand out, attend events and get to know my professors and it really paid off!



Life updates:

A guy from USA Today asked to use one of my photos in an article, so that was cool.

It’s hell week next week, aka Exams and Papers and Projects are piled on the last week of class before Thanksgiving break.

The hubs and I booked 2 nights in a cabin in the mountains Thanksgiving week (the puppies are coming too!). Hot tub (check), seclusion (check), mountain views (check). Can’t wait.

Aggressive physical therapy continues- maybe some improvement?

We have a new fire pit in the back yard and we spend every night around the fire chatting and drinking the husbands home brew beer and burning years of college notes that have accumulated in my house over the 8 years I’ve been in school.


I had a rose chai tea latte yesterday that was amazing and I want another one right now.


The puppies thoroughly enjoyed their walk downtown the other day. It was beautiful outside.

Lexi IMG_4779

I’m in class as we speak dying of boredom and despising my self absorbed professor. He’s truly terrible.

A bottle of wine and Criminal Minds netflix marathon awaits me tonight!

Best x.

Cabin Weekend

Last weekend I trekked all the way to North Georgia (through Atlanta) to spend a relaxing weekend with my favorite ladies. and it snowed!! The cold chilled me to the bone and I loved it! I also founds the most amazing fleece lined leggings of life- which was a win. We drank unspeakable amounts of wine and ate unimaginable amounts of cheese, I also spent too much money on jewelry and accessories (confession time is over). The weekend REALLY helped chill me out. I feel like when you focus too much on schoolwork it gets too overwhelming and the stress eats away at you. I left with anxiety about projects and tests and returned with a much more balanced view about everything (let’s not talk about my group member who’s not doing her share of the work though. Ugh). I’m ready to kick this semester in the actual face.

Some world from my beautiful weekend:

Bleu ridge Blue ridge 2 Blue ridge 3 Blue ridge 4 Blue ridge 5 Blue ridge 6 DSC_0328 Blue ridge 7 Blue ridge 8

Best x.

Busy Week!

This week has been full of exciting career-related events. I went to a resume bootcamp on Monday and completely revamped my resume. It’s pretty sharp now! Also, I went to a meet and greet with a big company around here and met some important people. And, I killed a test in one of my hardest classes.

But the big news is that I had an interview today for the company that I REALLY want to work for. I was so nervous because I’ve never really been to a corporate interview where everyone is all black suit and heels (if applicable). But, it went so well! There were two women interviewing me. They asked me a ton of questions and I felt like my answers were on point. I asked them questions too and felt completely relaxed. I’m really hoping to hear back from them!

Also, I had my big presentation for one of my classes and that went way better than expected. I HATE public speaking, but I managed to keep my nerves at bay. After class my professor even pulled me aside and said she loved my topic and that I did great. I feel pretty accomplished today and it’s only midday.

I’m so glad that I decided to take a different career path over a year ago; I was in nursing school and dreaded my future job. Sometimes it’s hard to make big decisions like that. You don’t want to let down your family or friends and it’s hard to shake the feeling that you’re giving up on something. But sometimes if you find yourself in the wrong story, you just have to leave and start a new one.

Best x.

P.S. I’m still doing the photo challenge and I will update on that this weekend. I ordered a white balance cap last week and, stupid me, I ordered the wrong size!


Buying Experiences (Not Stuff) in Your 20s


In your 20s buy experiences not stuff. I wish I could find the article where I read that last year because it really stuck with me. In your 20s you generally have a lower income, more time and less obligations. I think it’s incredibly important to collect your pennies and experience life and find out who you really are; buy that plane ticket, go to a concert, camp in the woods, hike that trail, travel the world, sign up for that dating website, road trip with your friends, rent that cabin for the weekend with your girlfriends. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping, but there will always be stuff: bigger TVs, fancier phones, trendier shoes. One day, we will hit our 30s and 40s and have kiddies to chase after, deadlines to meet, and older parents to help. Yes, I should probably be paying more towards my student loans and our carpets REALLY need replacing, but that can all be dealt with later; we will buy a house that’s bigger and has lovely wood floors for our future family. Until then, me and the man I love and my friends I adore will be learning and experiencing life together.

Since reading the article, I have:

  • Travelled Space-A
  • Visited 5 countries
  • Taken numerous road trips
  • Explored my city
  • Learned (am learning) photography
  • Reunited with my besties numerous times
  • Bought concert tickets to my favorite band
  • Stayed in an oceanfront hotel
  • AND have a major trip in the works!

Obviously I have a lot more to experience, and thankfully I have 26, 27, 28 and 29 to enjoy! What experiences have meant the most to you in your 20s?

Best x.