2015 New Year Resolutions!

New year, new list! Here is the official list of goals/ resolutions for 2015 May it be a fabulous year!

New Year’s Resolutions 2015
Read more books
Get my first real job
Graduate with a 4.0
Eat out less
Travel to another country
Lose weight & love my body
Make a cauliflower crust pizza
Blog more consistently
Connect with those around me
Master making that perfect cup of coffee at home
Plant an herb garden
Build/rehab a peice of furniture
Heal my knee!!!!
Spend more time outside
Organize all my important documents
Improve my photography
Compliment people more

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving (Drunksgiving) was a delicious success! My family isn’t American, but we still know how to feast! The menu was complete with turkey, mashed and roasted potatoes, roasted carrots/sweet potatoes/parsnips, broccoli, homemade green bean casserole, rolls, macaroni and cheese, nut loaf, gravy, chocolate cheesecake and fail brownies! Needless to say, we all hurt from overeating (in the best way possible). Also, drinking began with mimosas, transitioned to coffee and Baileys and ended with beer and wine. (P.S. grocery stores here in the deep south DO NOT sell alcohol on Thanksgiving!- note to self.)




I must say, the macaroni and cheese I made this year was the best I’ve ever made. I used this recipe as a guide. I used extra sharp yellow cheddar, Vermont white cheddar and gouda from the fancy cheese section and it was AMAZING. I also added just a little heavy cream and baked it for about 20 minutes with an extra special sprinkling of cheese.

My husband, being the honorary American at our dinner, requested green bean casserole, which really isn’t something we normally cook. I found this recipe and just tossed some thin sliced onions with flour and breadcrumbs and baked them instead of deep frying the topping. The combination of shiitake and thyme was phenomenal.

IMG_4907Before eating we decided to take our family wolf pack (3 scotties, 1 husky and 2 mutts) out on a big walk. It felt so much like fall in the chilly air and crispy leaves. We discovered a dog park along the way and the dogs had fun running around and swimming in the muddy pond. Also, I had my entire left leg disappear into the swampy ground while chasing a dog and had to have my husband yank me out. It was actually hilarious and totally unexpected. Sinkholes do exist in these parts.



Happy Thanksgiving x.

Thanksgiving Break

I’ve finally made it to Thanksgiving break! I’m only 1 presentation and 4 finals away from my last semester of my (second) undergrad degree!

Besides being an excellent student, I’ve been trying to get out with the dogs as much of possible and enjoy this beautiful weather. In the South, it goes from air conditioning to heating in one week, so we’ve got to soak up the good weather while it lasts.




Upcoming plans:

Today: I’m going to the outlet mall with my sister and I WILL finish Christmas shopping. I’m getting it out of the way early this year! No Black Friday shopping for this girl.

Monday: The husband and I will be journeying north to the mountain cabin we rented for a couple of nights. We’re going to do some hiking and relaxing in the hot tub! Plus my little sis and her boyfriend are joining us the second night for some shenanigans.

My birthday is approaching and we are going to see the Black Keys in concert! We have a classy hotel room in downtown Charlotte booked and I can’t wait. Did I mention my birthday is the last day of finals??! Drinks all around!

Also, I still have a big trip in the works. Maybe I’ll announce it in the New Year?

Best x.

31 Days to a Better Photo: Day 19 and 20

The 31 Days to a Better Photo series has been in the back of my mind despite being too busy to keep up. Let’s get back into it!:

Day 19 was about flash, which honestly I’m not really interested in. I’ve always hated how flash makes photos look (redeye- gross). I’m definitely more interested in using natural like and manipulating the aperture and shutter speed to get the right look.

Day 20: Art in Photography; definitely right down my alley! I’ve always had an eye for art. I love design and matching colors, patterns, etc. I’m working to improve my photos and make them more interesting. It’s so intriguing how subjective photography is. A photo that really appeals to me might do nothing for you.

In this post she discusses lines, color, forms, space. All the elements you can use to compose a great photograph.

Best x.

Cabin Weekend

Last weekend I trekked all the way to North Georgia (through Atlanta) to spend a relaxing weekend with my favorite ladies. and it snowed!! The cold chilled me to the bone and I loved it! I also founds the most amazing fleece lined leggings of life- which was a win. We drank unspeakable amounts of wine and ate unimaginable amounts of cheese, I also spent too much money on jewelry and accessories (confession time is over). The weekend REALLY helped chill me out. I feel like when you focus too much on schoolwork it gets too overwhelming and the stress eats away at you. I left with anxiety about projects and tests and returned with a much more balanced view about everything (let’s not talk about my group member who’s not doing her share of the work though. Ugh). I’m ready to kick this semester in the actual face.

Some world from my beautiful weekend:

Bleu ridge Blue ridge 2 Blue ridge 3 Blue ridge 4 Blue ridge 5 Blue ridge 6 DSC_0328 Blue ridge 7 Blue ridge 8

Best x.

I’m a Bad Blogger

When it comes to blogging I’m definitely not a pro! Life gets a bit busy and my posts get few and far between. I thought it was time to do a bit of an update.

Today! I’m enjoying an evening to myself with a glass of wine (dry riesling) and House Hunters International. Plus, packing for a much needed cabin weekend in the mountains with my ladies! I’m looking forward to a weekend of catching up, hot-tubbing, girl talk, wine, cheese and antiquing. I can feel the stress melting away already! It might snow and the thought of soaking in the hot tub while watching the mountains get blanketed with snow makes me smile. Also, I’m bringing my camera, so stay tuned for fabulous views!


Homework, homework and more homework. Plus, they tortured me in physical therapy with electrical muscle stimulation and OUCH that stuff hurts!!!!

And, I got my new white balance lens cover and played around with setting the white balance manually. So far it seems great! The first photo is a lovely snap of my backyard on auto white balance, the second is with the white balance set manually with my news lens cap. I’m loving the more vivid colors!White balance pic

Last class of the day cancelled= watching American Horror Story: Asylum on Netflix for hours. I skipped this season in the past and am seriously regretting it! Probably the scariest season so far!

Bad news. My knee still isn’t doing well; it healed kind of sideways. My doctor wants me to try “aggressive” physical therapy and he gave me a brace that looks like a piece of hardware. I might have to have another surgery in December if I can’t get my kneecap to bend back to where it’s supposed to be. Damn these knees I was born with!!!

Caught up with a friend downtown over coffee. I tell her that I see her seasonally since we’re both so busy and she doesn’t live in Savannah anymore- so it’s always so nice to trade stories. I suppose I’ll see her again in the winter!

Best x.

Day 16, 17 & 18: 31 Days to a Better Photo

Day 16,17 and 18 in the photo series were just quick reads, no camera action. Very informative though.

Day 16: Exposure compensation. read it. got it. don’t know if I’ll use it much, but good to know.

Day 17: The Low Down on Lenses. I definitely know that my lens isn’t the best. It came with the camera and wasn’t super expensive, but from reading some of the reviews online I think it’ll do the job. I do really want a lens with a very large max aperture to play around with; it’s on my wishlist list!

Day 18: What Camera Do You Have? I have a Nikon D3200; it’s a great little entry level DSLR. Day 18 is a great read. I feel comfortable with the camera I have, and I really don’t feel like I need a $5,000 camera!


Buying Experiences (Not Stuff) in Your 20s


In your 20s buy experiences not stuff. I wish I could find the article where I read that last year because it really stuck with me. In your 20s you generally have a lower income, more time and less obligations. I think it’s incredibly important to collect your pennies and experience life and find out who you really are; buy that plane ticket, go to a concert, camp in the woods, hike that trail, travel the world, sign up for that dating website, road trip with your friends, rent that cabin for the weekend with your girlfriends. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping, but there will always be stuff: bigger TVs, fancier phones, trendier shoes. One day, we will hit our 30s and 40s and have kiddies to chase after, deadlines to meet, and older parents to help. Yes, I should probably be paying more towards my student loans and our carpets REALLY need replacing, but that can all be dealt with later; we will buy a house that’s bigger and has lovely wood floors for our future family. Until then, me and the man I love and my friends I adore will be learning and experiencing life together.

Since reading the article, I have:

  • Travelled Space-A
  • Visited 5 countries
  • Taken numerous road trips
  • Explored my city
  • Learned (am learning) photography
  • Reunited with my besties numerous times
  • Bought concert tickets to my favorite band
  • Stayed in an oceanfront hotel
  • AND have a major trip in the works!

Obviously I have a lot more to experience, and thankfully I have 26, 27, 28 and 29 to enjoy! What experiences have meant the most to you in your 20s?

Best x.

Day 14 & 15: Histograms! & Breakfast!

Day 14 and 15: Histograms are another topic I didn’t know much about and I’m a fan of them already (I’m a numbers and charts and graphs kinda girl!) I set my nikon to show the histogram with the images when I go into playback mode to view my photos.

Also, here’s a photo of one of my favorite easy breakfasts: toasted pita, mashed avocado, a fried egg and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

DSC_0178Best x.

Day 12 & 13: 31 Days to a Better Photo

Day 12 and 13 are both about white balance, which I find challenging. I think it’s just because I was completely unaware of the white balance setting in the past. I made this little chart to help me remember how different white balance settings impact the photo. She does have really great charts of her own on her page. 
Bird WB ChartI just bought a BaLens lens cap on amazon so I can mess around with custom white balance.

Best x.