New Hair, New Day!

Recently I’ve been feeling….blah. I haven’t lost any weight (or gained thank god) and my hair has been drab. I needed a beauty lift and there’s really nothing quite like a new haircut and an eyebrow wax to make you feel pretty! I tried out a new stylist suggested by a friend and was so happy with the results. I’m trying to grow my hair out so she didn’t take much length off. She added layers and some sexy side bang. I feel so refreshed


Also! I just ordered new (nerdy/hipster) glasses from this great website that I just learned about, Zenni Optical.  The frames are seriously cheap and are super cute. You can put in your prescription and even order prescription sunglasses! I ordered a pair for $20!



Ladies Weekend: Fun & Food

This past weekend I drove the 4 hours up to my old college town to connect with my 2 best girlfriends. It was really relaxed. We chatted, drank wine and had an all around good time together. My friend served a variety of delicious cheeses and made us some giant bratwurst for dinner to get the party started.

IMG_2903Also, I spent some much needed time with my doggy nephew Hercules. I love this little man!


Saturday involved hangover breakfast, a coffee date, boutique shopping, afternoon antiquing and going out for drinks and burgers. Responsible over 25’s still take selfies right? PS. Love you guys!


Can Jean make me hangover breakfast every morning?

Can Jean make me hangover breakfast every morning?

Check out this beaut! I found it while antiquing for quite the deal!


And now, after a fun weekend, I’m ready to detox both my liver and eating habits and get on the Super Shred eating plan! I’ve got my grocery list and meal plan ready! Here’s to the next 4 weeks!