So Excited!

I tried Starbuck’s new coconut milk today in a caffe latte and it was delicious! It was creamy and foamy and perfect! Of course, coconut milk isn’t a low fat alternative, but I’m always a fan of a good dairy substitute.

In other (much more exciting) news, I have an interview today for a summer intern position at a BIG company in the area. I’m excited that I even got chosen to interview. I feel like I have a pretty strong resume now and have a lot to offer, but I’m still nervous! It’s full time over the summer, pays well, and would give me the opportunity to see the private industry side of accounting. So here I am, sitting and waiting for a whole other hour until I get the call.

I also talked to my graduate advisor today and got my schedule sorted out for the rest of the year. I should graduate with my masters degree summer 2016! I can’t wait! And I’ve applied for about 6 scholarships to help prepare.

Wish me luck!



Finals Week


Dreaded finals week is here, and I’m not really dreading them. They stand between me and my last semester, not to mention my birthday trip to Charlotte to see the Black Keys in concert on Friday!

My birthday is this Thursday, which means free coffee (birthday rewards at both Starbucks and DDs!) and feelings of getting old. I know I’m not old, I’m still in my 20s, but I’m ready to close this in-between chapter in my life and get on with my career and focus on longterm goals.

Best x.

Week 1 Day 3 Complete!

I completed week 1 day 3 of the Super Shred diet !! I brought all my snacks with me and even packed a lunch when I went out for the day. It made it so much easier to to not eat at a restaurant.  I also did another 40 minutes of alternating walking and running. I’m highly impressed with how my knee feels during the runs, considering how immobile I was post-surgery just 3 months ago.


Today I strolled down Bay Street in downtown Savannah with my mister and dreamt up DIY projects in the antique stores. I also fell in love with some beautiful wood and stained glass antique bars.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a spare $30,000.


Isn’t it beautiful???

I love looking at and touching all the handcrafted furniture. You can see all the passion that went into making each piece. One day I’ll fill my home with the perfect mix of these beautiful, old pieces and modern furniture.


I know it’s repetitive, but it really has been beautiful in Savannah these past few weeks.  Be jealous.


Uneventful Wednesday

Just another Wednesday. One day I’ll be done with school, then what will I spend my time doing?IMG_2870

I brought bananas to school so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy food there (I see you over there Chick-fil-a). Also, caffeine fix for the day= iced coffee unsweetened with a bit of half and half and a dash of cinnamon.


What is this you ask? If you guessed seaweed then you’re right!


The Perfect Day to Blog Outside

Today was gorgeous outside. Like the kind of day that made me skip my second class to walk around campus outside. and I don’t even feel bad about it. In fact, here I am, blogging in the back yard, enjoying the birds, trees and fresh air.

IMG_2819Today I decided I’ve been drinking way to much caffeine, thoughts inspired by this Buzzfeed quiz telling me that one tall Starbucks coffee has 260 mg of caffeine. I usually have a venti coffee, plus refills = problem! Could be why I’m having these headaches and finding it hard to fall asleep at night. So here is my iced green tea (unsweetened) with 40 mg of caffeine instead. Small steps.

IMG_2832Also, I can’t wait for this weekend! I’m going on a trip to see my 2 best girl friends and we always drink, eat and laugh too much and it makes me happy.

To kickstart some much needed weight loss when I get back, I’m starting this program, highly recommended by the mother. Any thoughts?


Unrelated side note, my husband is the best and surprised me with Calvin Klein Euphoria, which I love.

IMG_2829 IMG_2830